5 Reasons You Must Have a VPN (Virtual Private Network)

A VPN (virtual private network, for short) is an extension of a private network over a larger public one, such as the Internet. Once you’re connected to a VPN, you’re able to easily share files across computers that are connected to the network, just as you would over a real local area network. And initially, that’s exactly what VPNs were used for, mainly in order for employees to be able to access files on a company’s intranet from a remote … Continue Reading…

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Surge in Popularity of Android VPN Apps Hardly a Surprise

A few years ago, you’d only find a few virtual private network (VPN) apps on Google Play Store. Today, Android’s official app distribution platform boasts a wide array of options. There has clearly been an emergence of a new market that is looking for a technological solution to counter the pitfalls of the internet, namely hackers, snoops, data invasion, online restrictions, and more. More and more new VPN apps like FalcoVPN and similar are entering in the Google play store … Continue Reading…

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Virtual Private Network (VPN) – Features, Security & How to Use?

Virtual Private Network (VPN) can be described as a communication platform among computers in an organization. It may consist of connection companies, organizations or institutions or consist of departments in an organization. This networking method is done on public networking system, mostly the internet. It is done by securing systems referred to as network protocols. Providers will consider security, geographical coverage and speed as their main determinants of the infrastructure used. The provider will offer well secured service level agreement … Continue Reading…

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