VoIP Vulnerability & Security Risks: All You Need to Know

Ever since VoIP emerged on the communication scene, it has led to various concerns. The first major worry was whether it would be able to deliver a clear voice quality? Could it guarantee a stable connection that won’t just drop in the middle of a conversation? VoIP has come a long way, and users can expect to have top-notch call quality and reliable service with the VoIP options available nowadays. Technology has advanced to such an extent that a popular VoIP service allows you to switch to low-bandwidth codecs in case the internet is acting out, so your call quality …

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Digital Phone vs. VoIP Phone Systems – The Pros and Cons

When we talk about the inception of phones, we mean the analog system. Think of those voice circuits in copper wires and the voices that emanated were the result of electrical signals. It has been fairly recent, at least a few decades or so when the digital phones made their foray into the market and people have got accustomed to them. In terms of the present explorations and use, digital phones have now taken a backseat, as they are comparatively traditional as they still use phone lines to make calls. The recent in line is the VoIP line or ‘Voice …

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5 Reasons Your Business Should Switch to VoIP in 2018

Communication – it’s one of the driving factors behind the success of any business. And despite the rise of mobile phones, social media, and email messaging, a good phone system is still relevant. Now, phone lines have their share of doubters and naysayers, but they forget one crucial point – technology is constantly evolving. New phone systems like VoIP (Voice over Internet Protocol) have lots of new features like voicemail, call management, call conferencing, and email to promote business growth. Let’s take a look at the five main reasons why your business needs to switch to VoIP in 2018: Cost-Efficient …

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Call Center Challenges

Call Center Challenges: 5 Challenges Faced in a Call Center Environment

Challenges are ideas that turn into milestones when accepted in favorable time and space and they can only be seen as promising prospects if our preparedness matches the intensity of the challenges. Despite the fact that the call volume is increasing exponentially day by day, call centers have evolved through tough circumstances and have assured an efficient customer satisfaction with the utilization of the available tools like call center software, predictive dialer, VoIP calls, virtual call center, and much more. Let’s look at the challenging scenario and understand how they can be overcome. 1. Call Volume Demands: Needs an Efficient …

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6 Tips on Saving Money on Overseas International Calls

6 Tips on Saving Money on Overseas International Calls

Worrying about staying connected when you are abroad is ancient history. Now, it is quite easy to stay connected using the internet as well as cell phones. Most importantly, one can easily connect through social media using any Wi-Fi enabled gadget in local Wi-Fi networks such as malls, restaurants or hotels. But still there are some complications. In most of the countries of the world, including the US, have two types of network – CDMA (code division multiple access) & GSM (global system for mobile communications). CDMA may not work in a country where GSM is available and vice versa. …

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6 Reasons SMBs are 'Making the Call' to VoIP

6 Reasons SMBs are ‘Making the Call’ to VoIP

You receive an urgent business call or voice mail on your laptop at a coffeehouse. Your firm is located in North Carolina but has a phone number with New York area code. Such possibilities are the gift of VoIP and Cloud Technology. Stay connected to your business on the road or in a cafe. VoIP’s useful features and traits not only offer a convenient business living but also, enhances productivity in business. External Reference: VoIP wiki page. Exceptional Business Performance Guaranteed The world of VoIP technology generates wealth of options for SMBs. VoIP services enable your phone calls to ride …

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How Businesses Are Flourishing With VoIP?

VoIP is an integrated set of IP-based features which enables users to make calls and send messages throughout the world. VoIP is different from the traditional telephony as the former works by breaking the voice into small discrete data packets and transmission of these data packets over the network of an ITSP (or Internet Telephony Service Provider), and the latter works on the dedicated circuit protocols of the PSTN (or Public Switched Telephone Network). One of the most important benefits of VoIP is that it strictly slashes down the toll charges which are charged by the traditional communication services. With …

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How to Choose the Right VoIP Service Provider

Voice over Internet Protocol is what VOIP stands for. But what it doesn’t say is that it is the future of the telecom industry in the business arena. The traditional use of analogous telephones whose wires and lines would unnecessarily crawl all over your work space can now be replaced by a VOIP phone system that works via audio signals received over high speed internet services and then converts them into digital data for the receiver to understand. VOIP got introduced in the market a few years back but at that time the Internet speed and connectivity was still too …

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