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How to Fax from Computer, Gmail & Google Voice using CocoFax?

Fax is more than something you need occasionally. While it was the only method of official communication a few decades ago, billions of faxes are still sent every year. In fact, the advantages of fax reach far and wide over other alternatives for official communication. When people think of the hardware that one needs to get for faxing, they are dissuaded from doing it. However, do you know that you can fax without a fax machine or any of that bulky equipment which takes up half of the desk space of your office? It is not only doable but, in …

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7 Innovative Tech Gadgets and Their Future Expectations

Do you have that “I don’t know this was possible” moments when you check out new gadgets? Well, this is surely the gift of technology! The gadgets present in the market today work on concepts that seemed totally impossible decades ago. Technology has played a pivotal role in bringing this change. Every day, some new gadget is entering the market, delighting users and giving them a new discovery experience. The scores of cool gadgets adorning every person’s life and home are simply unbelievable. Earlier, tech gadgets usually charmed technology enthusiasts or geeks, but this is no longer the case. Gadgets …

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6 Excellent & Useful Tips to Improve Your SEO in 2019

E-commerce and marketing are booming, and the technology that helps maintain this environment is here to stay. There have been many ways of conquering the market scene but none does this better than SEO. Search Engine Optimization has changed the way the world is exposed to relevant information; the utilization of tools isn’t limited to popular sites like Google. Let’s look at how SEO has been relevant over the past years. Using Google Trends focused on the US market, research shows that there is a spike of the term “SEO” since January of 2004. You can definitely see that there …

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How Digital Marketing Will Change in 2019? All You Need to Know!

Digital Marketing is one of the continually changing business phenomena that are difficult to master, and even more difficult to efficiently optimize. Digital marketing trends of 2018 brought along new changes in algorithms, smarter marketing techniques, and more interactive marketing strategies that relied on branching out and encouraging reader interaction. 2019 has just started and is bringing new and improved digital marketing techniques that can improve SEO rankings, promote and increase reader interaction, and expand outreach manifold. These new techniques are not designed to be easy, so if you own a blog or a website, get ready to start optimizing …

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Google Featured Snippets – How They are Helpful?

Marketers across the globe believe that your brand getting verified can be the ultimate compliment in the digital world. We often hear people from all walks of life using words such as “Googling” or “Googled” when it comes to searching for something on the internet. This is because Google made its search engine the best, due to which it stays ahead in the tech world. Try searching something from a historical fact, scientific process, or even as cutting-edge AI-based tools, the Google search engine won’t disappoint you. Google attempts to understand a searcher’s objectives based on their searches and is, …

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Are You Ready for Voice Search? Here’s 5 Steps to Optimize Your Content

Hummingbirds are very cool creatures. They flap their wings up to 80 times per second (more during mating season) and are amazingly agile – flying up, down, and sideways with ease. Maybe this is part of the reason that Google’s 2013 algorithm update was named “Hummingbird”. Prior to this update, getting a great SERP was based upon stuffing enough keywords into a piece of content to be indexed and ranked. Google decided to become agiler in its indexing – looking for contextual meaning and the intent of the user in his searches. And so, Google bots become agiler in their …

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Control Your Roku Device by Using It’s Mobile App

According to the survey conducted by the manufacturer company on June 30, 2017, Roku has 15 million monthly active users all across the USA and around 22 million American have already cut-the-cord and enjoy streaming their favorite channels by using Roku player. There is the number of benefits associated with this streaming player as compared to cable TVs such as compatibility, portability, light-weighted, and High-Definition picture quality. Another imperative reason to love this device is that the user can control his/her streaming device through a smartphone. Yes, you read that right. The company has provided the remote control which makes …

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SEO Tips: Keys to Ranking for Voice Search in 2018

Voice search has been a hot topic for a number of years now, and with good reason. Data shows that more searches than ever, around 60% according to Hitwise, are performed on mobile devices. This alone changes the thinking or SEO agencies, but there is more. Voice searches are rising incrementally, and 2018 promises to be an even bigger year than ever in that arena. Think of it this way: Siri is your best friend on an Apple device; it is now a part of the desktop and laptop operating system as well as iPhones and iPads. Even before this …

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