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Visual Communication — Why You Need It for Your Brand?

Nowadays, it is all about visual communication for brands to reach new heights. This is evident with the fact that people look for visual stories on platforms like Snapchat and Instagram. Internet users engage better with images and videos. Forbes reports that internet users spend billions of hours on YouTube on a daily basis, with a staggering 91% of buyers preferring visual content over the more traditional text-based content. Cisco has predicted that 80% of internet traffic will wholly consume video content by 2020. Based on this staggering percentage, it is not difficult to see why visual content will eventually …

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10 Photoshop Effects to Make Your Text Speak

10 Photoshop Effects to Make Your Text Speak

Do you know there is a reason why you get impressed, and inadvertently like the websites and those instant pop-ups as you land on a page? “It’s all science my dear!” Even the petty things like white space, font size, all caps impact significantly the way our cerebrum interprets things. Considered as nonchalant, the text effects used by the web designers and developers elicit strong sensory stimuli. While many online marketers focus on optimizing their landing pages to amplify the conversation rates, the studies prove that the same content can encourage the agreements and disagreements among the visitors based upon …

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HTML 5 and CSS 3 Elements: Visual Effects, Table Styles and Custom Fonts (Part 1)

This article comprises of a number of different articles revolving around HTML 5 & CSS 3. This is the second in the series. The previous piece of writing was the introduction and was entitled: ‘HTML 5 & CSS 3: Provide Great Benefits in Future Web Design. HTML 5 spells an Online Revolution’ If you are new to this topic or would like a brief overview of the subject it is advised to skim through the introduction that accompanies this collection.