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What are Hidden Dangers of Using Free VPNs on Your Smartphone?

The use of a VPN on smartphones is inexhaustible. Smartphones are, in fact, one of the main reasons why VPNs are so widely used, and a good deal of this comes from third-world country users to access geo-blocked content. Since most of these users are young adults or teenagers, free VPN services for smartphones are the main attraction. Especially with at least 1000+ free VPNs available on the market, it does seem like a good deal. But, is there any catch? Yes, of course, there is! And to give you a fair warning, we have compiled and mentioned some of …

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7 Note-Worthy Tips to Choose the Best VPN for Remote Work

The business world has greatly evolved over the last decade. Nowadays, people work from home and still manage to deliver the expected results. Recently, many people around the world have also been trying to work from home due to the COVID-19 outbreak. Therefore, we’re all living in times when it’s vital to know how to work from home. For all their remote work one tool that most workers use today is a VPN. In this article, we’ll look at the most vital features to look for in a VPN to help ensure you get the effective one. So, read on. …

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Should You Opt for Antivirus Software or a VPN? Let’s Find Out!

There is more concern than ever before amongst the public about security and privacy online. It isn’t hard to see why there are so many worries in this regard. There have been many high-profile data breaches reported recently. The media is always full of stories about identity theft, phishing scams, and ransomware attacks. It’s no surprise, then, that over 50% of internet users around the world have more concerns about their online safety than they did just a year ago. More than 80% of people who regularly go online believe cybercriminals are causing them to be wary of browsing the …

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Proxy Server: The Advantages & Disadvantages of a Proxy Server

When you are working in the technology or computer-related field, you must have often come across the term “proxy”. With the growing concern of online security and data theft, proxy servers have become quite popular. So, how is the proxy server and security of your system connected? Well, a proxy server adds an additional layer of security between your server and the outside world. This additional security layer reduces the chances of a breach. Before going into details of the advantages and disadvantages of the proxy server let’s know what a proxy server is and what its features are. If …

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NordVPN vs SiteLock VPN – Which One is Best for You?

In today’s times when accessing multiple sites of variegated types become more than essential, resorting to VPN services is nothing out of the odds. For starters, VPN implies Virtual Private Network that helps in creating a secure connection to another such network, sans internet. Haven’t we often heard of regions that restrict the usage of one or more websites? VPN can easily be used to browse through such sites; all forms of activities conducted therein can be shielded from the rest of the world. And this includes Wi-Fi, yes!. VPN: Then & Now With the passage of time, VPNs’ popularity …

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VPN vs Proxy Server

VPN vs Proxy: What are the Differences? Which One is Better?

We could go without Proxy, just as we could also go without a VPN – and no apocalypse would start. However, every detail about us risks being exposed. Without them, all of our details would be left at the mercy of hackers – some of them just itching to hack into some very juicy details. If you have important information on your computer, then you already know how crucial it is to keep it all safe. When it comes to protecting the privacy of the server, most people go for either proxy or VPN. Many people confuse between the two …

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5 Essential Reasons to Use Anonymous Proxy Servers

With social media being almost omnipresent in all our lives, it often seems as if every aspect of everyone’s day is always available on the internet. While some enjoy the popularity and a constant digital existence, it’s not necessary that everyone prefers it. Therefore, it shouldn’t come as a surprise that quite a huge chunk of the population worldwide is turning to anonymous proxy servers to keep their data safe. Why remain anonymous on the internet? There are many reasons to remain anonymous on the internet. Firstly, it could be because you’re forced to remain anonymous. Certain countries have restrictions …

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VPN vs RDS vs VDI: What to Choose for a Secure Remote Access?

There are numerous benefits to working from home for employees and employers have come to recognize this fact. While there are numerous cloud apps that can be utilized when working from home, more often than not they fail to provide the security required. This is when thoughts turn to alternative platforms, which include a VPN, RDS or VDI. So, which is the best to choose for secure remote access? Well, this is something that we are going to discuss right here. First, let us take a quick look at what a VPN, RDS, and VDI are. What is a VPN? …

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Importance of Networking & Wireless Accessories in Worldwide

Networking or say computer networking allows two or more users to share a resource and communicate conveniently. Today, we cannot imagine a life without emails, online newspapers, chats or other services over the internet. With rapid technology development, people get smarter and use wireless accessories like routers, phones, tablets, printers than traditional wired devices. The collaboration of networking and wireless accessories results in wireless networking. Wireless networks meet a number of requirements like quality, speed, over a large area of connectivity and security, while security is often the most important factor. Moreover, wireless networks also play an important role in …

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VPN (Virtual Private Network): 5 Things it Does & 5 Things it Doesn’t Do

Anyone looking to keep their data safe and secure online privacy has a reason to turn to virtual private networks (VPNs). They have grown in popularity for a good reason. You don’t have to constantly look over your shoulder as you surf or clear your browser history when you are done. They offer a sufficient cover that you can always make the most of. Here are a few facts that can guide your decisions as you work with popular VPNs. Recommended for you: Be Cautious, Free VPNs are Selling Your Personal Data to 3rd Parties! Things a virtual private network …

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