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5 Effective Tips & Tricks for Homepage Lead Generation!

Generally speaking, the homepage is seen as the portal through which you attract website traffic and funnel readers through other pages. However, successful companies find that homepages are also good for directly generating leads. Is your homepage optimized in a manner that allows it to produce leads? 5 Ways to Optimize Your Homepage Lead Generation Your homepage should be more than a placeholder or facilitator. In other words, it should do more than just drive visitors to product pages, blog posts, and opt-in forms. In order to be truly effective, it needs to generate leads. Here are some specific suggestions: …

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5 Key Factors that Affect the Engagement of eCommerce Videos

ECommerce videos come in various shapes and sizes, but more often than not consist of demonstrations or how-to guides to generate sales for specific products, or marketing videos to promote an eCommerce website. Regardless of the form, they take, however, if you want your eCommerce videos to have an impact and successfully achieve their goals – you need them to be engaging. Although the engagement of eCommerce videos is a difficult metric to peg down and is influenced by numerous factors, there are five in particular that have a profound effect on it: 1. Video duration Viewers prefer shorter videos …

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3 Ways to Scale Enterprise Content Marketing in 2018

As expectations from clients feed personalization efforts, enterprise management must support content creators in producing more content for different context segments and permutation, as well as find ways to repurpose existing content. When an organization can scale its content marketing, it gets itself into a position where it can strengthen its brand affinity, expand its audience, and ultimately generate sales and leads by appealing to other organizations. However, those looking to scale content are likely to find themselves in a complicated situation as they won’t be working with a blank canvas. As content shifts from desktop screens to smartphones to …

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5 Effective Strategies for Multiplying Webinar Attendees

You’re aware of how effective webinars can be at propelling brand awareness, increasing reach, bolstering conversions, and driving sales. You’ve dove headlong into creating the best webinar you can muster, and you’ve spent ample time and effort doing so. Regardless of how much proverbial blood, sweat, and tears you’ve put into your webinar, it only matters if people show up. And while your number of registrants is growing alongside your confidence, it is important to note that only 20 to 30% of those folks are going to show up on the big day. Don’t get discouraged; there is an entire …

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7 Effective Social Media Marketing Tips For 2018

2018 is going to be a huge year for businesses all around the world. Regardless of the size and value of your business, you can still gain a lead over the competition. All you need to do is look outside of the box and put together an incredibly effective marketing campaign. Utilizing social media to your advantage is absolutely pertinent. With social media, you’ll be able to reach millions, if not billions, of individuals for free. Below, you will discover tips for putting together a successful social media marketing campaign this year. 1) Stay Active Some people use social media …

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Content Marketing Trends

Content Marketing Trends 2018 – Be Prepared for these 7 Trends

Brightly colored newspaper ads; radio and TV commercials; fliers in our mailboxes; and, of course, billboards as we traveled the highways. All of these marketing methods are still around today, but more and more, the internet is our shopping mall and marketing smacks us on our screens everywhere we go – our home page, our email, our social media pages. And once we purchase something from a “big-box” retailer like Amazon, we will find all sorts of purchasing suggestions when we return. And once we “surrender” our email address through a purchase? Our inbox fills up with deals, discounts, and …

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7 Excellent & Creative Strategies To Win in Digital Marketing

When barriers to entry are eliminated, the competition intensifies. With social media brands, businesses and users interact on a nearly level playing field. Everyone has access to everyone else within the network. This has helped local small and medium-sized businesses punch above their weight for years. Nowadays, however, space is crowded and getting your brand’s voice across to your target audience is as difficult and expensive as ever. Here are seven creative marketing strategies to help your voice dominate the digital space: 1. Focus on mobile video By the end of 2018, experts expect the mobile video advertising space to grow …

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Video Marketing - Tips on Creating Video

How to Optimize Websites for Videos and Vice Versa

Most websites nowadays incorporate video content in some form or other due to how appealing and effective it can be. However, what many people fail to appreciate is that videos are a very unique form of content, and when you publish them on a site, it is necessary to both optimize the website for video – and optimize the video for the website. Optimize Videos for Websites To optimize videos for websites mainly involves ensuring the video format and settings allows it to be displayed effectively. That being said the exact manner in which videos need to be optimized for …

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Mastering the Art of Storytelling in Commerce – A Complete Guide

Storytelling is a treasured art. It goes back centuries as an ancient form of communication. It will always serve to entertain, inform, and educate mass audiences. Doesn’t it follow that this form of communication—written or verbal—should be used for promoting your products, services, and brand? If you want to be a highly successful business, using storytelling in your content is the key to success. The beautify of using storytelling marketing is that it’s so simple. Glenn Conradt, vice president of Global Marketing at CoreMedia says that’s what makes it so effective. Incorporating more sincerity through storytelling is an art form …

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10 Pro Content Marketing Tools Your Small Business Can Use

If your small business hasn’t subscribed to content marketing tactics yet, now is a good time. But where do you start? There are literally hundreds of tools to choose from, and every one claims that it’s the best for your small business. It’s worthwhile to take a closer look at each and decide whether its assertions about top utility for small firms are valid. Here are some of the best small-business content curation and marketing tools as recommended by the pros. 1. Google Analytics Every company, large and small, should use Google Analytics. It’s free of charge and helps you shape …

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