Digital Marketing – Do Not Misuse Technology for Your Own Benefits

Companies can sell their products and services across the web courtesy of digital marketing. This tremendous technological tool presents a world of possibilities which were unheard of during the analog era. While social media tools help to improve professional networking and product promotions, they also present possible risks such as damaging of professional image and conveying poor quality information. Nevertheless, there are ways in which organizations can prevent these potential risks. For this matter, the internet should be used appropriately. … Continue Reading…


An Effective Plan That Will Boost the CTR of Your Tweets

Persuading someone to click on a tweet on Twitter is an arduous task that keeps online marketers up at night. Because it is one of the most impact-making aspects. To measure the effectiveness of the tweets, marketers and other experts use click-through rate (CTR), which is defined as a number of clicks that a tweet received divided by the number of times the Internet users viewed it. It is a powerful indicator in internet marketing because it shows how to … Continue Reading…

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7 Smart Strategies to Promote Startups Through Twitter

Twitter is the biggest platform to connect a large number of audiences. Start-ups and all other companies can make optimum use of Twitter and reach a maximum number of people. Using it as a weapon for marketing purposes would be the smartest way to boost your business. Embrace Twitter for external marketing as it would be pocket-friendly. Unlike other marketing techniques, it is way more reasonable because extra expenses are not involved over here. Below, there are a few strategies … Continue Reading…

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