An Effective Plan That Will Boost the CTR of Your Tweets

Persuading someone to click on a tweet on Twitter is an arduous task that keeps online marketers up at night. Because it is one of the most impact-making aspects. To measure the effectiveness of the tweets, marketers and other experts use click-through rate (CTR), which is defined as a number of clicks that a tweet received divided by the number of times the Internet users viewed it. It is a powerful indicator in internet marketing because it shows how to … Continue Reading…

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7 Smart Strategies to Promote Startups Through Twitter

Twitter is the biggest platform to connect a large number of audiences. Start-ups and all other companies can make optimum use of Twitter and reach a maximum number of people. Using it as a weapon for marketing purposes would be the smartest way to boost your business. Embrace Twitter for external marketing as it would be pocket-friendly. Unlike other marketing techniques, it is way more reasonable because extra expenses are not involved over here. Below, there are a few strategies … Continue Reading…

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