6 Types of Popular File Formats You Should Know and Use

When downloading files from the Internet or receiving it by mail, we often come across docs of an unknown format. Many of them cannot be opened with simple programs. Therefore, to work with some docs, you need to download additional software. To have at least a general idea of ​​what the various extensions are, and which apps can open such files — read the below article. Popular File Formats When working with standard Windows programs, email clients, or Microsoft software, in 90% of cases, people use one of the following formats — EML, MBOX, MSG, VCF, PST, DOC, RAR, ZIP, …

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9 Reasons to Avoid Blogspot (Blogger) for Your Professional Blog

Blogger or Blogspot can be very appealing to people who want a user-friendly platform to start their blog. Blogging is a great tool to highlight your skills, and even bring in new clients. Blogspot is a platform owned by Google. It is free, and users can create and publish their first post in a matter of minutes. However, Blogger may not be the best option for people who want to create a professional blog. We have noted down nine reasons to avoid Blogger, with why you shouldn’t host a blog on Blogspot in particular. Reason 1: Your URL is not …

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Step to Implement Any iOS App as an iMessage Application

In 2016, iOS 10 was introduced, and perhaps the most important news was associated with this iconic chat, which was notable at that point, even among non-Apple clients. In iOS 10, applications picked up the capacity to send and get messages as Apple launched a message framework for designers. Today in this IOS Mockup, we’ll discuss iMessage application development. As Apple expressed, this framework could be utilized to manufacture an application or to integrate this informing application into a current undertaking. This would let clients associate with outsider applications without leaving iMessage. Fundamentally, Apple gave developers two alternatives: either run their …

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How to Fix High RAM and CPU Usage in Windows 10?

A Central Processing Unit of computers is highly important such as brains for the human body. A faster CPU means that the system or device will run faster without any disturbance. CPU is the part of the computer where most calculations take place. The major component of a system like a graphic card and RAM follows the instructions of the CPU. You can check the status for memory usage in the Task Manager. The issue which has been observed is related to the system process as it uses a large amount of RAM in the process of starting the PC. These …

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What to Do if Invalid JPEG Marker Type is Found in Photoshop?

In this blog, we will state the relevant ways to resolve the issue “Photoshop could not complete your request because an unknown or invalid JPEG marker type is found”. Despite the images that can be accessed on a hard drive or browser, users of Photoshop typically face the inconsistency -– ‘invalid jpeg marker type photoshop’ while attempting to access an image in it. Due to this issue photoshop is disturbing and also it can cost the work of professionals. So, in this blog, we are going to refer to some appropriate solutions to repair the photoshop inconsistency error. Reasons behind …

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How to Stop Annoying Browser Notifications on a Windows 10 PC?

How do you feel about those unwanted, annoying browser notifications that pop up on your Windows 10 PC? I can guess that you sometimes feel frustrated because that’s the way I felt too. But since I learned how to stop annoying notifications when using a browser on Windows 10, I have not had a reason to worry anymore. What those notifications do is distract you when you are trying to focus on something more important. It can be even worse when the sound notifications on your PC are activated (You know how annoying it can be when you keep hearing …

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Everything to Know About Domains, Subdomains & SEO-Friendly URLs

Choosing a domain is one of the most important tasks a company faces when launching a corporate website. A properly chosen domain can move your business to a new level, whereas a wrongly picked domain can prevent your site from occupying top positions on SERP. A domain must be selected in such a way that it meets the technical requirements of the domain zone, is convenient for further use, and meets your marketing/ branding strategy. This task is not as simple as it seems. After all, there are different domain zones, and you may not yet know how much the …

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How to Fix Various iPhone iOS System Problems using Dr.Fone Apps?

iPhones are definitely the pioneer in the industry, but even they are not flawless. Obviously, nothing is perfect so how can be they? From hardware to the software, you’ll experience different types of bugs regularly if you’re an iPhone user. It is really annoying. Dr.Fone app is one such a tool that helps you to resolve your iPhone related issues with easy steps. So, here we have discussed how you can fix the most common iPhone iOS system problems using Dr.Fone app: Problem #1 – iPhone stuck on the Apple logo That’s the general problem. Most often you’re likely to …

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Microsoft Windows 10

25 Lesser-Known Amazing Windows 10 Features You Need to Know

Windows 10 is the latest version of Windows operating systems. It comes with a lot of added advantages and new features to enhance productivity and performance. With every Windows Update, there are some new additions introduced to curve up the learning and performance enhancements. Here is a compilation of such amazing features of Windows 10 that will surprise you. Microsoft has made many categorical and specific changes in their later versions to make it more user-friendly and useful. has carried some useful features from previous versions like the super-fast start-up and improved security features from Windows 8 and user-friendly features …

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Top 20 GIT Commands to Start With

As you might know, GIT is a distributed-version control system. The engineers use it for tracking changes that have been made in source code during the process of software development. If you are a developer, particularly if you are just getting into the profession, you must learn a few of the more useful GIT commands. Let’s look at the best GIT bash commands about which you should learn. For Setting Up the Project: An Explanation of GIT Prompts Recommended for you: 5 Brilliant Free Apps That Will Help You Learn How to Code. GIT INIT Let’s say you’ve just created …

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