3 Storytelling Tips for Entrepreneur Brand Building

We know that in building a brand, a product/service will be doing itself a favor. Only those brands, which have integrity and honesty, will survive in the rat race for customer eyeballs. In such a scenario, how does one create stories, which help increase sales? Creating stories about a brand or a service is a good ruse to increase sales. However, one needs to know from where to get material to narrate these stories. This article talks about three storytelling tips, which will stand you in good stead for entrepreneur brand building. Here, it is important to mention that the tips …

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Mastering the Art of Storytelling in Commerce – A Complete Guide

Storytelling is a treasured art. It goes back centuries as an ancient form of communication. It will always serve to entertain, inform, and educate mass audiences. Doesn’t it follow that this form of communication—written or verbal—should be used for promoting your products, services, and brand? If you want to be a highly successful business, using storytelling in your content is the key to success. The beautify of using storytelling marketing is that it’s so simple. Glenn Conradt, vice president of Global Marketing at CoreMedia says that’s what makes it so effective. Incorporating more sincerity through storytelling is an art form …

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How to Incorporate Visual Storytelling into Your Digital Marketing Strategy

Stories are at the center of any human experience and, as such, businesses need to master the art of storytelling to connect with their audience properly. Visual content, in particular, is what makes a brand memorable and can help them reach a much wider audience by evoking a particular set of emotions. Let’s see how you can incorporate visual storytelling into your digital marketing strategy. 1. Know Your Audience There are many kinds of personalities that animate your audience, but usually, you can notice common patterns that unite them into a community. These patterns could be related to demographics, age, …

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Storytelling – It Engages and Persuades

The Aflac Duck; the Geico Gecko; Flo from Progressive. It’s difficult not to know who these characters are. Not only are they all over TV, but they have their own Facebook pages. They are the “mascots” of three major U.S. insurance companies, and, while consumers tend to ignore most ads, they tend to stop and watch these. Why? Because every ad is a story of the adventures and exploits of these three. Now these three mascots represent a pretty boring industry – insurance. It’s hard to get consumers excited about insurance, and marketing it has always been a challenge. Traditional …

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