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FamiSafe App Review – Is it a Reliable and Worthy Parental Control App?

There is nothing nearly as anxiety-inducing for parents as not recognizing where your children are or whether they’re healthy or not. But every day, parents just had to cope with the fear and take their children out into the world, to kindergarten, to playgrounds, etc. You will never really know what your children do if they’re out of your reach. This planet is a dangerous place, and we all know it’s full of monsters and abductors. Kids are subject to online harassment and various other negative practices in the online environment. Using a parental control instrument is the best way …

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Top 5 Cybersecurity Threats Today at 2020 and Beyond

Cybercrime has witnessed tremendous growth in the past decade. This is particularly the case with the increasing popularity of the Internet and its usage across the world’s remote places. According to statistics revealed by cybersecurity ventures, the amount of money lost to cybercriminals is expected to hit $6 trillion marks in 2021, which is a 50% increase in the amount lost in 2015. There are also threats and fears among cybersecurity firms that cybercriminals have increased their use of sophisticated technologies to bypass security checks. The increase of daring attacks from cybercriminals on small and medium businesses as well as …

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Cybersecurity Threats: COVID-19 Scams You Need to Avoid

We’re living in strange times. The current pandemic and uncertainty about the future has us all stressed and concerned about our personal health and safety. On top of that, Coronavirus Disease 2019 (COVID-19) scams and misinformation abound. You knew it was coming, especially with so many relief checks expected by individuals and businesses, and so many others in need. There’s no reason to compound our already shaky hold on security by leaving ourselves vulnerable to the inevitable opportunists who are waiting to misinform and fleece the unwary. The Threats We Face as We Hunker Down in Isolation Some scams are …

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Top 10 Tips to Detect and Remove Phone Spy Software (Spyware)

Smartphones, today, are more than a device used for communication. They are sophisticated devices that store a lot of powerful, personal, and sensitive information of its owners. From photographs to documents, the information contained in a mobile phone is enormous. No wonder, mobile devices have become the primary target of hackers and cybercriminals. It has become very important for mobile phone users to be aware of cyber threats and alerts to ensure their security is not compromised. Cell phone spy software (i.e. spyware, wiki) has become one of the greatest threats to the privacy of your mobile data and the …

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Google Chrome vs Mozilla Firefox

Chrome vs Firefox: The Performance, Security & Privacy Comparison!

Google Chrome and Mozilla Firefox are some of the most used and highly popular browsers in the universe. They feature several unique add-ons thereby becoming a solid choice for any user for web browsing. Mozilla Firefox has been there for a long time but Google Chrome has also acquired a larger market share within a quick time. The difference between Chrome and Firefox is very minor; you need to get into extreme detail to find out something dissimilar amongst these two fantastic browsers. Here we have tried to compare Chrome vs Firefox on the basis of key parameters like performance, …

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How to Remove Data from Old Smartphone So No One Can Recover It After Selling?

The prospect of getting a new phone is definitely exciting. But what do you do when the market rates of the new smartphones tend to give you a fever? Well, you might think of giving up the idea of purchasing it all together, but that’s not a potent solution. A wise thing would be to plan out effectively and set a budget beyond which you will not exceed the new gadget in your life. Or better still; think of season sales, discounts and offers- all of which will help you get hold of the new phone at feasible rates. Alternatively, …

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How Network Security Can Help Avoid IoT Device Hacking?

The wave of advanced technologies brings unprecedented opportunities for businesses and society. The emergence of the Internet of Things (IoT) represents a pioneering transformation in the field of information technology (IT) and digitization. These developments can improve & elevate a business environment to generate higher profit margins. IoT has the potential to bring a major transformation in business models, change competitive forces of several industries, and reduce time-to-market for a variety of products or services. While IoT promises several real-time operational benefits, susceptibilities can easily be exploited unless robust security measures are implemented across connected devices and infrastructures. Some of …

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Risks and Dangers of Smart Gadgets: How to Stay Protected?

Smartening up one’s life is no longer a big deal in today’s times. Whoever said acting and behaving smartly is all that’s required, stands mistaken. The future wants smartness at every possible domain on earth. And not being blessed with smartness or razor-sharp intelligence is not to be looked down upon. But the present times demand smart work… smart execution… smart tactics. Man has worked relentlessly to grasp technology and let’s not deny, he has emerged successful, at least partially. These are all via the smart gadgets and tools that we currently have around us and will continue adding in …

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Privacy Concerns as Android Users are Giving Away Too Much Information

Privacy is becoming an increasingly prominent concern for us all. Until relatively recently, online privacy was a niche subject only of interest to academics and cybersecurity professionals. However, the explosion in popularity of social media and the growing influence that the biggest tech companies have over daily lives has bought the importance of digital privacy firmly into focus. There are two main prongs to the current privacy debate. The first is the way that the custodians of our data, such as big social media and tech companies, conduct themselves. This is a complicated issue given that most of these businesses …

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How to Spy WhatsApp Messages with SpyMyFone?

Social media platforms are openly accessible to everyone as most offer free sign up. Being a parent or a spouse, you must be always worried about what your children are doing over social media. You cannot simply stalk their activities as you don’t have access to their Tinder or WhatsApp accounts. These problems are giving sleepless nights to parents and spouses who fear their partner are cheating. Simply picking up their phone and checking it is not always possible. Not just personal, even business owners are concerned over the security of their company information with free-flowing content apps like WhatsApp. …

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