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Cause Marketing: How to Market a Brand (and Do Some Good)

Cause marketing or cause-related marketing is the perfect meeting ground for two parties with a need. With all of the clutter of the information age, a business needs to find innovative ways of marketing and branding. Nonprofit organizations are on the constant lookout for new ways to raise funds. Corporate giving to nonprofit groups has had a long and admirable history. Without outright grants, many nonprofit organizations would have to close their doors. The donation may be as simple as a tee sponsorship at a charity golf outing or an elaborate grant of hundreds of thousands of dollars to sponsor …

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Organizations Today May Consider Outsourcing their Big Data Preparation

There are a lot of offshore software service providers in the world that use the latest technologies such as NET, PHP, AI, and IoT and of course Big Data. They provide services to clients located anywhere in the world. Gone are the days when some believed that big data is only a buzzword. As more and more enterprises achieve huge financial success with big data and analytics ventures, have a genuine impact on the daily lives of people, the practical use becomes much clearer to all. The Big Data Market Growth Nobody seems to be exempt from joining in the …

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10 Tweaks to Increase Your Onsite Conversion Rate

No matter how interesting your site is, how much traffic you get, or what your possibilities for growth are, your online success is still dependent on one critical variable: your conversion rate. Your conversion rate is your ability to secure “conversions,” which could refer to anything from product purchases to filling out a lead generation form to even watching a meaningful video. The sticking point is that a conversion is some measurable action that makes a user more valuable to your site. Why Your Conversion Rate is so Important If you can’t get conversions, you can’t make money on a …

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See Where Experts are Spending Their B2B Marketing Budget in 2018

According to a survey conducted by Gartner, 2018 could be the year which may provide an environment for the marketing budgets to go up. The study offered exciting facts that most of the levels of marketing budgets are usually planned out beforehand or a year in advance, and the rates in 2017 declined as compared to 2018. Some marketing experts believe in the fact that the fall is the result of marketing’s incapacity to prove its loyalty and contribution by providing how the business activities generate business results matters to the organizations. President and founder of VisionEdge Marketing, Laura Patterson …

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Tips for Outsourcing Your PCB Design Layout In 2018

Sometimes, your company might have a Printed circuit board (PCB) design layout done and you suddenly discover that there is something that you need to change. Your engineers are involved in another project and you can’t divert them from that project. What do you do? You outsource. Yes, you can outsource to get changes in PCB design done. In the business and technological world of 2018, outsourcing has become mainstream. Lots of companies turn to outsourcing to get changes in PCB design layout done faster while spending less. Outsourcing any change in PCB design layout will give your engineers the …

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Pinpointing the 5 Overall Best WordPress Business Themes

Are you interested in starting a website for your business? If so, you’ll need to jump through a handful of hoops. First and foremost, you’ll need to select a domain name. Then, you’ll need to go ahead and select a hosting provider. They’re plentiful, but not all of them are equal. Eventually, you’ll need to establish a look and feel for your website. There are tons of WordPress themes and a lot of them are excellent for small business owners. Choosing the right theme can make a big difference in the long run. Within this guide, you will find a …

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Role and Responsibilities of Salesforce Consultants

Salesforce CRM is a most prized possession for any organization. Today customer data or information is unique and most important for any organization and it is the CRM which holds each and every information of their customer and can suggest the future prospects as well. There are many CRM platforms in the market but the reason behind the success of Salesforce is its customization feature. Salesforce CRM can be customized by anyone as per his requirement and the team goals. Salesforce is popular just due to its features and customization. This article covers following points. Most of the organizations which …

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How to Boost Your Sales Team’s Results with Professional Reports

Sales teams need to keep themselves in a feedback loop. Staying out of the loop is like being a sniper without high-precision optics: you’ll end up missing your targets. And every sales team does have its targets that need to be met. How do you achieve precision in meeting your sales goals? One of the most basic, yet often overlooked ways is to maximize the potential of professional sales reports. What are Sales Reports? Let’s use an example that seems completely unrelated to the naked eye. When a missile has been launched, how does it know where to go? Missiles …

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Is Posting Fake Reviews for Your Online Business Worth the Risk?

Ever sit back and wonder how your competitors are raking in hoards of glowing reviews despite all of your constant efforts to get your customers to write just one? You may be somewhat relieved to know that a lot of online businesses are paying different freelancers to write those reviews for them. This means a lot of the reviews you see on sites like Yelp or other popular review sites are fake reviews. Those of us who run an online business are fully aware that the more reviews you have, the better your conversion rates are. In fact, the reason …

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Companies That Live Up to Their Branding Hype on Customer Satisfaction

For assured success in the current digital market, brands have to be authentic in their online marketing. This is especially so because people want authenticity in branding, particularly due to the prominence of advertising online. For brands, digital marketing is no longer only about getting seen by the market. But it is about ensuring that the message you put across is identifiable, relatable, reliable and verifiable. Basis of authentic branding As mentioned, authentic branding is not just rooted in growing visibility and recognition as is the case with traditional marketing. Instead, it focuses on ensuring that the brand builds trust …

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