Ideas to Create & Host a Webinar – Benefits for Customer Service

With the advancement of technologies in the recent era, seminars are being replaced with webinars nowadays or you can say now it is more about the ‘online seminars’!! Yes! With each passing day, webinars are becoming immensely popular all over the world. Whether they are educators, sponsors, or the attendees, for everyone webinars seem to be something excellent and helpful. The former section of people spread their message through webinars, the next type of individuals just loves the appealing long shelf-life that they can procure through webinars, and last but not the least, for the latter section, it is a …

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5 Effective Strategies for Multiplying Webinar Attendees

You’re aware of how effective webinars can be at propelling brand awareness, increasing reach, bolstering conversions, and driving sales. You’ve dove headlong into creating the best webinar you can muster, and you’ve spent ample time and effort doing so. Regardless of how much proverbial blood, sweat, and tears you’ve put into your webinar, it only matters if people show up. And while your number of registrants is growing alongside your confidence, it is important to note that only 20 to 30% of those folks are going to show up on the big day. Don’t get discouraged; there is an entire …

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clickmeeting webinar review

ClickMeeting Review – A Brandable Smart Webinar Software

ClickMeeting is the name of software which is very well known for their smartness as well as brandable webinar organizing software. Right now as per the year 2015 ClickMeeting has already completed in making 394,106 meetings and webinars, 9,975,289 hours of meetings and webinars and 10,062,987 meeting and webinar attendees, which will be roughly more than the entire mass of the population of New York City. Not only that they have been successful enough in making more than 80,000 satisfied customers in total 92 countries. So it is a commendable and thinkable point, why ClickMeeting is successful in making so …

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Offline Digital Marketing Advertising

Complement your Digital Marketing Efforts with Offline Tactics

Digital marketing has been the prime focus for all corporates in recent years. Whether it’s a small business or large multi-national firm, every organization seems to be spending heavily on digital marketing. A few years ago, SEO was a game changer in digital marketing but it quickly faded off due to unpredictability. Marketers then switched to SEM methods namely PPC/PPV advertising. SEM is still practiced today but unless you have an expert marketing team, it can quickly eat up marketing budget without the expected ROI. Social media marketing (SMM) is the buzzword nowadays and rightly so. Again, if you don’t …

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10 Best Practices for Conducting Engaging Webinars

Webinars, in plain words, are known as online seminars. It is the smart and cost effective way to conduct a seminar. Instead on normal seminars, it is very much budget-friendly. And so it is very much helpful for non-profitable organizations and also for those organizations that are running out of funds. Another best part of a Webinar is it can easily wipe all geographical boundaries and help you to conduct your seminar globally. Although there are lots of advantages of Webinars, the critical part is the user engagement. You have to make sure to make it engaging so most of …

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