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7 Ways to the Rescue When Your Online Account Gets Hacked

Having your account hacked can be troublesome for both you and your friends, we often tend to panic in these kinds of situations and because of that, we are unable to see the obvious solutions to our problem. So if your account got hacked, relax and follow these tips calmly and patiently to get it back. I’m well aware that time is of the highest importance in these kinds of situations, but if your rush things out you might make … Continue Reading…

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5 Internet Scams People Generally Fall For – Make Sure You are Not the One!

The Internet offers a wider variety of stuff for each of us! Quite equally, though, there are certain internet scams and threats to stay away from. If you become a victim, you may end up losing your data, privacy, and money. Last time we checked, not many people knew about these Internet scams. How can you stay away from threats if you don’t know what they look like? And, making things worse, there are times when your carelessness goes beyond … Continue Reading…

Tech Support Scams

Tech Support Scams Still Work and Evolve

When advising on the ways to treat suspicious cold calls from individuals impersonating technical support, law enforcement agencies and computer security experts used to recommend users to simply hang up. This tactic, however, doesn’t quite fit into the framework of a recent trend that scammers exercise to rip off gullible people. As opposed to the previously dominating intimidation methodology, some of the newer frauds focus on making potential victims think the perpetrators are there to help. Impostor tech support agents … Continue Reading…

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