Samsung Gear S2 Featured

The Samsung Gear Smartwatch Evolution From S2 to S3

Before it was actually created, the smartwatch was a highly anticipated concept for such a long time. Ever since the first gizmo of its kind was released, it triggered countless reactions and opinions among users. Some were criticizing the device for its usability issues. And others applauding it for combining excellent settings in order to let users enjoy an array of useful features. All in all, it’s pretty exciting to see this technology taking shape and going through positive changes. We are sure to see a lot of modifications and improvements as time goes on. Upgrades and added innovations will …

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5 Best Smartphones that of January 2016

New year comes with new gadgets and devices. You will find new opportunities in the field of latest technology. We have seen many new devices launched by the manufacturers every month and this is the reason why there are a huge number of devices available in the market today. You can choose from the ones available as per the requirements you have, but there are certain mobiles that are value for money and will provide you the best quality along with the best performance. Here we brought together a list of flagship smartphones from the top manufacturing companies. In the …

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best large screen tablets

6 Current Best Large Screen Tablets

All over the world, needy users are in pursuit of best large screen tablets that can easy to carry and meet all their needs too. We have identified six such large screen tablets that are widely popular, come with some unique but many common features and carry different price tags that would match with the different necessities of their buyers. Out list of those 6 large screen Tablets is: Let us check how the above have become the best large screen tablets. Apple iPad 4 Praised as ‘the ultimate tablet’ many reviewers, Apple iPad 4 stand tall amongst all other …

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best small screen tablets

6 Current Best Small Screen Tablets

Looking to purchase a Tablet? Here is the list of 6 best small screen tablets currently available in market. Long time back desktops were replaced by compact and versatile laptops. These laptops have provided the user with more mobility, flexibility and comfort. But even these gadgets were being perceived as a “baggage” that demands for space and also as a “weight” that clings on to the shoulders. These struggles encountered by the end users have made the manufacturers to come up with an advanced version that can remove these obstacles. Thus, tablet PCs have made their way in to the …

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iphone 5

iPhone 5 – Features, Specifications & Comparison with Nearest Competitors

It is that time of the year when speculations and months of waiting culminates into the launch of a new Apple product. When that new product is a brand new Apple iPhone, the anticipation and expectation can skyrocket to unimaginable heights. As expected and speculated for some months, Apple has finally come out with the announcement that its iPhone 5 is now available for order. Tagged as ‘the biggest thing to have happened to iPhone since iPhone’ this Smartphone is more than just a Smartphone. Calling it such would be like calling King Kong a monkey. On first looks one …

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