Why Every Business Must Measure the Influencer Marketing ROI?

Influencer marketing has paved the way for businesses to reach wider audiences and grow their customer bases. However, it does come with its fair share of challenges. About 52% of marketers found that measuring the ROI of their influencer marketing campaigns was their topmost challenge. Image via Linqia. But it’s a necessary process. Without measuring your ROI, it’s difficult to figure out if your campaign was successful or not. But that’s not all. Here are some other reasons why you need to measure influencer marketing ROI. Why is it important to measure your influencer marketing ROI? The primary goal of every marketing …

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How to Turn a Small Business into a Big Business?

Learning how to grow your business? It should be a goal for any entrepreneur. Making your business grow, requires a lot of hard work and many hours spent outside your working hours. What benefits can you bring? Your economic well-being and your business brand will increase significantly. However, growing a small business isn’t easy. You’re going to face many challenges if you are looking to get rid of the 9-5 daily schedule. The success of your business depends on how much effort you are going to put, using different procedures. Every characteristic of your business requires a lot of attention. …

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How to Boost SEO Results for a Higher Return on Investment (ROI)?

Getting better SEO results from a given campaign produces a higher ROI. It’s certainly important for every company or website owner to create improved performance over time. We’re all in a race against our nearest competitors. Doing more things right can deliver that better ROI that we’re seeking. Let’s look now at some ways to boost SEO results. The Challenges of Prospecting Guest posting can be done well or poorly. The poor approach is to spread yourself thin by gathering up the details of hundreds or even a thousand likely prospects and firing off a template email to each of …

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How Does Print Advertising Look in 2019?

Physical newspaper and magazine subscriptions have dwindled significantly in recent years, thanks to the internet. Why would you pay for paper news when you can access all the articles and details, you’d ever want from a device in your pocket? When it comes to marketing, this presents new challenges and has many marketers questioning the future of print advertising. The Current State of Print Advertising Print mediums have been declining steadily for the last 30 years. Newspaper decline is a chief contributor to print advertising reduction. This industry used to hold the majority of advertising dollars. In 1994, weekday print …

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Offline Digital Marketing Advertising

Complement your Digital Marketing Efforts with Offline Tactics

Digital marketing has been the prime focus for all corporates in recent years. Whether it’s a small business or large multi-national firm, every organization seems to be spending heavily on digital marketing. A few years ago, SEO was a game changer in digital marketing but it quickly faded off due to unpredictability. Marketers then switched to SEM methods namely PPC/PPV advertising. SEM is still practiced today but unless you have an expert marketing team, it can quickly eat up marketing budget without the expected ROI. Social media marketing (SMM) is the buzzword nowadays and rightly so. Again, if you don’t …

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What is the Return On Investment - ROI of SEO? (Infographic) Featured

What is the Return On Investment – ROI of SEO? (Infographic)

There are many strategies involved in building a leading website, and SEO is one of them. SEO itself, however, also has many strategies of its own involved in achieving successful ROI. There are several factors that play into achieving monetary value from SEO: Is SEO Worth It? There’s no doubt that SEO is one of the most powerful ways to market your brand online. A first or second place listing on Google can give your website huge profits and put your company at the forefront of its industry. So is SEO your answer? That depends. Do you have the drive and …

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online marketing roi

6 Easy Ways to Improve your Online Marketing ROI

Creating an online marketing campaign is not a tough job when you know your audience well, but what makes every online marketing manager’s job difficult is when the picture of Return on Investment (ROI) arises. ROI is more than just a measurement; it is a process that helps a marketer to improve its marketing performance and profitability by using the insights gained through the effectiveness of the strategies. Since the major significance of marketing is to increase profit, ROI plays the biggest part in the doing or undoing of a campaign strategy. No matter how much effort a marketer puts …

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