Choosing the Best Antivirus Software

Over 30,000 websites are hacked a day, and approximately half of American adults have been hacked or experienced malware attacks within a 12 month period. And these attacks range from simply irritating, like compromising your internet browser, too expensive and disastrous. The dangers are real, and hackers are only ever improving their capabilities. Antivirus software is a programming software that is needed to protect your computer against most of the viruses, malware, Trojans, hackers etc. These invaders can access your personal files and DATA and can destroy many important things. So isn’t it time you put more thought into your …

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Ransomware Prevention Technologies

Ransomware Prevention Technologies

Identity theft, credit card fraud, password breaches and other hacker attacks have been cast into the shade by news about ransomware lately. According to a recent research, crypto viruses were behind 42% of IT security breaches in UK organizations over the course of 2015. Ransomware is trending among all types of cyber criminals. It is growing in the number of infection instances, the number of active variants, and the amount of losses that the victims suffer. The security industry has been playing catch-up with computer viruses for years. Now that antimalware vendors are confronted with such a serious adversary, they …

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