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Print Media Business in Digital Age: Tips to Survive in 2019-2020

With the ever-increasing internet trends, the news industry is suffering from rough decades. The reason behind, people rather than paying for newspapers, prefer to check the latest updates on Google, Yahoo, Facebook and on other online portals. This effect the print media industry by declines in print industry revenues, drop down of ad incomes, decrease in employment trends for journalists as well as a high range of newspaper units shut down. To come out of such situation, print media requires to follow a set of high-quality strategies to compete with across border rivals. In this write-up let’s discuss some tips …

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How Does Print Advertising Look in 2019?

Physical newspaper and magazine subscriptions have dwindled significantly in recent years, thanks to the internet. Why would you pay for paper news when you can access all the articles and details, you’d ever want from a device in your pocket? When it comes to marketing, this presents new challenges and has many marketers questioning the future of print advertising. The Current State of Print Advertising Print mediums have been declining steadily for the last 30 years. Newspaper decline is a chief contributor to print advertising reduction. This industry used to hold the majority of advertising dollars. In 1994, weekday print …

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What Print Management Trends Happened in 2018?

Barring some rare exceptions over the past few years, print management as a whole has remained relatively stagnant.  Very few organizations are going against the grain and are for the most part doing what they have done previously: “Struggling with print servers” or “Struggling with direct IP printing”. However, when these organizations start to grow mainly through diversification or mergers and acquisitions (as we have seen many since digital print has come to the fore), the need coupled with the demand for print management software choices is beginning to reach a critical point as an organization starts looking to spend …

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How to Increase the Success of Print Commerce with Latest Marketing Strategies?

The print industry has seen tremendous growth over the years, and web-to-print has come as a revolutionary solution to this business. There are amazing benefits one can reap from this single business if implemented in the right way. But, since we have been used to old marketing and advertising style will we be able to succeed using the new strategies. Marketing is basically planning and execution of the products or services development, promotion, distribution, and pricing. The Print Commerce is revolutionizing the entire print industry to a great extent, as it brings a lot of benefits for the growing print …

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4 Ways Print and Digital Marketing Work Together

With each passing year, more and more businesses are going online to increase their exposure. Some are simply utilizing the web to gain foot traffic to their place of business. And others are actually setting up an eCommerce arm of their company. Whether you sell products and services online or are simply introducing your company and explaining what it is you do, you can effectively use printed media and digital marketing to increase your exposure. Here are three ways they work together for ultimate success in any marketing strategy. 1) Marketing Your App There was a time when digital marketing …

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Four Bygone Technological Trends that Happened in this Decade

How Digital Signage is Affecting the Print Industry

Digital signs are turning into the flashy wave of the future. With the ability to combine text, images, and videos, many retailers are turning to the more flexible and versatile option when engaging with customers through advertisements and sale signs. While this may save money and time and create more engaging content, the switch from print to digital has had an interesting effect on the print industry. This has caused the print industry to get more creative to keep its customer base active. Read on to learn what changes the print industry has made in an attempt to keep up …

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Offline Digital Marketing Advertising

Complement your Digital Marketing Efforts with Offline Tactics

Digital marketing has been the prime focus for all corporates in recent years. Whether it’s a small business or large multi-national firm, every organization seems to be spending heavily on digital marketing. A few years ago, SEO was a game changer in digital marketing but it quickly faded off due to unpredictability. Marketers then switched to SEM methods namely PPC/PPV advertising. SEM is still practiced today but unless you have an expert marketing team, it can quickly eat up marketing budget without the expected ROI. Social media marketing (SMM) is the buzzword nowadays and rightly so. Again, if you don’t …

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Here’s Why Going Paperless is a Must for your Business (Infographic)

Why Going Paperless is a Must for your Business (Infographic)

Among all the different business technologies that are environment-friendly, going paperless deserves a special mention. While the paperless trend has been around for quite some time, most businesses are yet to adopt the technology. As going paperless involves adopting new business technologies, you will need a solid preparation. And the preparation starts with identifying how we consume paper and understanding how the traditional system affects your business and the environment. It is estimated that an average office worker uses about 10,000 sheets of paper per year. In a single year, the total paper consumption in the USA requires cutting down …

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Plan Marketing Meeting Discussion Group Team

Content at the Heart of Print

Content is what drives the print industry and organizational success as a whole. Content marketing has taken over traditional advertising methods and has undoubtedly taken the lead. What makes content have such a powerful impact? The answer is simple. Subtly incorporating accurately phrased content which identifies the problem statement and addresses it, does the job. Also, it can be leveraged to the general public through social media. Budgeting done at the beginning of a fiscal year ensures that they allocate a proper budget to their content marketing efforts (as 58 percent of B2B brands did in 2014). Driving traffic towards …

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