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10 Best AR Apps (Augmented Reality) for Android and iOS

Whether we believe it or not, Augmented Reality (AR) has made its way into our day to day lives in the form of several mobile applications. From social media filters to real-time games, there are a number of AR apps in the market which enhance the virtual experience of users by combining it with real-world aspects. By providing an exceptional and immersive experience, this virtual reality development has completely changed the way we experience things in our ordinary lives. In contrast to virtual reality, AR apps do not need powerful gadgets and equipment to work. Anybody with a smartphone can …

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7 Types of Lifestyle Changing Apps to Change Your Lifestyle in 2019-2020

We are living in a technologically advanced world where nothing seems impossible. Every day, there are new advancements and innovations that can make our lives better, fun and interesting. The use of smartphones has become commonplace and these days, you can use your phones for pretty much everything. Whether you feel like shopping, reading a book or play a game, you can find apps for almost everything. Some of these applications enable you to perform basic tasks, as aforementioned, with ease. Whereas there are also apps that have the power of transforming your life. For instance, doctors are now using …

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6 Best Investment Apps for 2018 (Available for Android & iOS)

The stock market isn’t just for those employed on Wall Street anymore. With the use of mobile app development, anyone with a smartphone has the ability to invest in stocks. The most significant decision to make is which app to you commit to and finding out what are the differences between different investment apps. The six apps below are all popular choices. All have various benefits to use them whether it’s their ease of use or the return on investment received. 1) Robinhood: Free Stock Trades Offering minimal risk on your investment is the Robinhood app, the name is influenced …

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Top 10 Free Music Download Apps for Android 2017

Music is life, and with our Android smartphones, we can access lots of music with the right apps. There are several apps that claim to provide you access to music, but many of them allow you stream and not download the songs for offline listening. Others allow you download, but their database of songs is not very large. We have recognized these problems and several others faced by people looking to access music on their smartphones. This is why we have created this insightful post outlining the top ten free music download apps for Android smartphones in 2017. The Top …

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Play Store Android Apps

Mobile Phones are the most attractive necessity of everyday life. Mobile Phones have come a long way from earlier stages. From Black & White screens to color screens, from keypad design to touch phones Mobile phones have emerged as a basic necessity. With the passage of time and advancement in the technology, the use of mobile phones is becoming more versatile. iPhone has come up with the idea of iStore where users not only can download different applications and games but also can upload their own built applications and games. Google has come up with the idea to launch android …

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