10 Free Fonts that will Look Stunning on the Logo of your Website

Designing a logo can cause you a lot of troubles, especially if you want it to look well-balanced and comprehensive. One of the most significant elements that almost every logo has is the typography that expresses some accurate information about the company the clients should be aware of. Therefore, typography deserves lots of your attention while thinking about the future logo. Most of the fonts used for a logo designing cost a lot. However, we present you with the list … Continue Reading…

Photoshop Fonts FREE! Featured

11 Awesome Photoshop Fonts You Need to Try Out (FREE!)

You see it on posters. You see it on banners. You see it on magazines and book covers. It’s practically everywhere. Text is the simplest and most commonly used tool to deliver content. But plain text could easily get boring. So how do you make a simple text extraordinary? Use an awesome font. In a world of text and people with short attention span, the power of a unique font can make a huge difference. For graphic artists and web … Continue Reading…

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