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Business Tools For Which You May Be Over-Paying

Running a business is a lot of work. But thanks to the many different business tools out there, it has become a lot easier to manage. Instead of tracking invoices, payments, and spending manually, there’s a software that will do it all for you with little effort required on your part. Instead of having to adjust your marketing based on trial and error, there is analytics software that can tell you exactly how well something is performing. As great and useful as these business tools can be. Though, they can also end up being quite expensive. As an example, it …

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Top 5 Ultimate Payment Gateway to Choose in India (2018)

ECommerce business is at all time high globally. They have created a financial discipline and survival. However, the questions that are still to be answered. Which payment gateway suited the best for my business? How to choose the best one for your online store? How do they charge per transaction and all? With evolving technology, several brands and startups have started building their orders and accepting payments with a variety of payment gateway. It is no wrong in saying that people are still searching for the best payment gateway. Before answering all the questions, let’s check up what payment gateways are …

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What are Peer-to-Peer Payment Apps and How to Make One?

There has been a lot of hype related to peer-to-peer payment recently. But, do you have a clear idea as to what peer-to-peer payment apps are, and how can you develop a similar app for you? In this article, we will be talking about peer-to-peer payment apps and the available options through which you can make one. Let’s get started. What are peer-to-peer payment apps? Peer-to-peer or person to person payment applications has been instrumental in revolutionizing the e-commerce industry. Peer-to-peer transactions or payment methods usually involve the exchange of money from one user to another through a digital application …

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25+ Payment Gateways / Payment Processing Tools for SME’s

When running a business, you need a way to accept payments. The importance of payment gateways is increasing as more and more people are looking to do business online. Many potential customers are being lost if the businesses have not integrated any payment gateway. Here is the list of top 25+ payment gateways with their unique characteristics. Examine the list of best payment gateways which is right for your business here. Recommended read: Give a Boost to your Business with Mobile Payment Services. 1) PayPal PayPal is the more secure and authentic online payment gateway that let your clients with …

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