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How to Spot Fake Reviews Online – Some Useful Tips & Tricks

Reviews are incredibly powerful, stronger than you might think. Many people take to the Internet to see if something is good before buying it, and they land on these pages that are full of reviews. They are putting their trust in the reviewer’s honesty, but the truth is that most online reviews are fake. Here are a few tips to spot and avoid these fake reviews. 1. Affiliate Marketing You first have to understand why people write fake reviews. The vast majority of them are affiliate marketers. This means that they make money whenever you click their affiliate link and …

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9 Excellent Ways to Earn Money from your own Blog

I have found an excellent tutorial recently published by Neil Patel where you can learn the step by step process to starting your own money-making blog. In this article, I will not concentrate on the blog creation process that he already explained. Rather than that, here I will try to share some ways by which you can actually earn money from your blog. Knowing the right money-making ways can really increase the chance of earning profit from your blog. But I also believe we all are blessed with different qualities and specialty. So do something in which you are good …

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Promote your business using paid blog posts

In this post I will discuss about a good blog advertising website called BuyBlogReviews.Com. Before telling anything about their services I want to let you know the alexa traffic rank of this website is below 7500. So you can understand how good this website is doing in the web market.