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Forget SEO For a Minute: Here are Some Non-SEO Tactics to Improve Your Rankings

SEO is hard work. Especially when search engine algorithms keep changing. You are probably researching keywords/phrases; you may even be buying Google AdWords or paying for ads; you’re studying your competition that is getting first-page rankings; you think you are creating the right tags. But your page rankings aren’t moving. Without that good ranking, you are losing traffic – not a good thing. Maybe it’s time to take a look at some non-SEO tactics that can improve that traffic and page rankings. They really do exist. 1) Analyze Your Website Take a good long look at your site. How long …

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How your Slow Website Burns a Hole in your Pocket (Infographic)

A mammoth 16% hit to your customer satisfaction rate is supplicating, to say the least. Consider an example of an eCommerce start-up that usually sprouts with a handful of employees or the founding members; every single penny spent would be with a view to generating desired value to its business. A wonderful team of technicians and top brains is the driving force towards putting together that unique product arising from a novel idea. The process that follows afterward and which largely typifies the success of the business is not easy to execute. The first step is to find a reliable …

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20 Resources that will Make you Better at SEO

Anyone can learn SEO and the best part is that if you try, you can learn mostly on your own. How? Well, it can be a technical and tough job, which is the reason a few organizations have their own particular in-house SEO professionals. Luckily, that truly is not important in the event that you have a basic knowledge of SEO, comply with the results of Google and finally if you have a quality site. In this post, I’ll give you assets you can use to learn more about SEO. These resources will also help you to stay on the top of …

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Download Page | RS-GooglePR Joomla Extension

RSGooglePR is a Joomla Component works natively in Joomla 1.5.x environment. This is a very simple and user friendly google page rank checking extension. Using this component you can easily able to check the google page rank of all your desired web pages (URLs) in a single click. This is an administrator component. No front-end features included. This is a free extension. The features are: View Google Page Rank of Web pages (URLs) of your choice. Add Web page (URL). Edit Web page (URL). Delete Web page (URL). Try this free component. Hopefully you will like this. Download – Component