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Will 3D Animation End the Tide for 2D Animation? Let’s Find Out!

We can find examples of 2D animation and 3D animation practically wherever we look. And the credit for this miraculous achievement must be given to the versatility that animation has achieved in recent times, the flair to capture our imagination, provide an impactful visual experience, and portray things both in real and fictional ways that are almost impossible to achieve otherwise. 2D animation is the oldest method of animation that has existed since the late 1800s. But, 2D animation has only become popular from around the last 40 years. Whereas, the high-end and sophisticated technology of 3D has made a …

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Technology Digging on Deep Data: A Real-World Global Treasure Hunt

A lot of the lost treasures of the world have been found, but there is still a lot of treasure hunting taking place. Technology advancements, the rise of big data, and mapping technologies have helped change the way that scientists, explorers, anthropologists, and others approach how to plan a treasure hunt. Old Theories Applied to New Technology to Find Treasure Hunt Clues Research remains the same in the modern prey treasure hunt. Researchers conduct a lot of analysis, gather evidence, and scour archives for scavenger hunt clues. Old theories are applied, and new technology is utilized to analyze data and pinpoint optimal …

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Blockchain in Mobile Application Market (Infographic)

Blockchain in Mobile Application Market (Infographic)

Have you ever noticed the drastic change in the tech sector after the arrival of mobile applications? We never cared about how apps changed our day-to-day lives as long as they make our life enjoyable, provide us with valuable information and eases our work. It also helped in the growth of the economy. We all accept the fact that mobile applications are fueling business growth, in order to maintain the achieved growth companies should concentrate on enhancing the standards and building trust among customers. But to do that, companies should offer highly-encrypted mobile apps that help in gaining user’s trust. This can …

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How New Technologies are Helping in Students Learning?

If you can make an effort to imagine, a few decades ago, students didn’t own smartphones. There were only textbooks, books, and papers. Of course, back then, we didn’t have social media either. The time I’m bringing up is the time when TVs were starting to become mainstream and kids were playing outside. If you pay attention now, our world is deeply technologized and digitalized. The Internet of Things is the latest juicy technology trend, a trend that promises to revolutionize most of the objects that we use on a day by day basis. From fridges and ovens to watches …

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A Complete Guide on Mobility as a Service (MaaS)

Mobility as a Service (MaaS) is expected to change the face of the transportation industry soon. It brings down the entire transportation system in your locality under a single digital platform. It is believed that the concept of MaaS makes the necessity for owning a private vehicle for your transportation needs almost zero by the year 2050! The basic concept was there in many parts of the world, but it was implemented for the first time in Finland in the year 2015 and is still running successfully! The father of the MaaS concept is considered to be Mr. Sampo Hietanen. …

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The Positive and Negative Influence of Technology on Kids

Over the last few years, technology has played a vital role in every single aspect of human life. The key difference can be noticed from the way today’s kids interact with several modern technology devices as compared to earlier generations. Though technology has helped us to achieve better comfort in our lives, it has also thrown lots of challenges that need to be dealt with at the right time. Knowing both the positive and negative influence of technology on kids will help you to keep things well organized and balanced. Here we have listed both positive and negative influence & …

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How Virtual Reality Content Creation Will Impact Businesses Growth in Future?

Now, we are in the most advanced technological era where you can work smartly with a virtual personal assistant like Google, Siri and drive confidently with self-driving cars. If we look around, we find various examples of technology including smartphones. Today, no one can imagine his or her life without phones. But, what about the importance of virtual reality in our lives? People count the movie “The Matrix” as the best example of virtual reality (VR) but now, we have other examples to show the creation of VR content over the past five years. We have plenty of services and products …

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7 Powerful Tech Innovations That Could Change Your Life in 2020

Technology has made our lives way simpler than we could have possibly imagined and 2019 has been quite a favorable year with its many tech innovations. From Amazon Prime’s one-day delivery system to the rise of personal assistants and AI; technology has become an integral part of our lives. Take the case of Amazon Prime, for instance. The one-day delivery gamble has attained a whopping amount of $1.8B in the US retail segment and the number is expected to rise to $40B by the year 2022. Similarly, the advent of chatbots has helped us resolve our queries and problems easily. …

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Top 9 FinTech Trends Creating Ripples in the Financial Space

Two decades back, many financial institutions created E-commerce business units to disrupt the market. Later, the “E” went away and became a new norm with large technology evolution and investment. The digital agenda is extended from operational efficiency and customer experience to big data and analytics. The financial services share the resemblance with unprecedented growth that technology investment brought to the retail sector. The digital wave is revolutionizing retail banking, payment, insurance, financial literacy, and wealth management. The booming financial technology (i.e. FinTech) market is expected to continuously enjoy the unabated growth at 74.16% CAGR from 2019 through 2025. It’s a …

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Top 10 Healthcare Technology Innovations We Have Witnessed!

In this digital era, healthcare technology is rapidly evolving into new and ultra-modern innovations. Healthcare systems are eager to jump into the technology adoption bandwagon to utilize its benefits. Moreover, with healthcare turning more into a customer-centric service, it has become imperative for healthcare organizations to keep up with the rapidly growing technologies. So, let us walk through the major advantages of technology innovation to find out how it has influenced healthcare firms and what it has in store for the future of healthcare. 1. Impact of Artificial Intelligence in Healthcare Industries With the advent of artificial intelligence into healthcare, …

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