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What eCommerce Marketers Should Know About Mobile SEO in 2017

By the time you finish reading this, everything we may have learned about mobile SEO could be wrong. That’s because the paradigm that exists today is based on the desktop-first world, and Google is close to catapulting us into the mobile-first world with a significant update on how they render, crawl, and rank the web. The search engine giant, Google, has already started testing their mobile first index, which not only rewards the mobile-friendly websites but also ranks the desktop version depending on the content that is found on the mobile version first. Until now, this has always been the …

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6 Tips to Get Success with your New ECommerce Store on 2017-2018

The e-commerce balloon is getting bigger with each passing day as you know people are looking forward to having their say in getting the style to their closet through e-commerce platforms only. The e-commerce flow started with few big brands jumping in, but the air has affected others due to higher revenues and star branding features. Let’s talk about some of the tips that can help you in running your new e-commerce store: 1) The user should always be your focus: Once any customer walks into the market the best part is he can able to touch and feel the …

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How to Make an eCommerce Website Responsive in Nature

This is an era of online shopping. With new mechanisms and technology, physical shopping is getting replaced by online shopping at a rapid rate. The fact that online shopping allows the customers to get access to different products from the comfort of their homes has made this concept so popular. Besides, with timely delivery and attractive discounts, online shopping has become the need of the hour. And as a result, the idea of eCommerce has come a long way in the last couple of years. If you are an owner of an eCommerce site, then you must introduce new methods …

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10 Great Ways to Accelerate Your Online Store in 2017

Online shopping is replacing physical shopping at an accelerated rate. It is a darling of the younger generation with 67% of American online shoppers being in the 20 -30 years age bracket.  An online store ought to embrace innovation and come up with new strategies of doing business. If you have an online store and are wondering what to do to be competitive in the year 2017, then relax. We share with you ten ways in which you can accelerate your online store. 1. Ease of Use Simplicity is the way to go in 2017. Your online store should be …

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How to Improve Your eCommerce Site Search in 5 Easy Steps

SEO is obviously an important part of running a successful eCommerce site, but it’s far from the only thing that matters. Once you get visitors onto your site, you must ensure they can find the information they’re looking for. This is why site search features and functions matter so much. Give These 5 Tips a Try Site search functionality isn’t the sexiest topic, but it’s something that must be prioritized if you’re hoping to develop a successful site that satisfies the demands of the user. Here are a few practical points of discussion: 1. Develop an Intuitive Search Box The …

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Why Mobile Commerce is the Future of Retail Sales?

Gone are the days when smartphones were considered a luxury and with that, so are the traditional means of shopping. A staggering statistic showing the increase in retail sales, in the USA can sum it all up. In the first quarter of the year 2016 itself, retail sales via smartphones grew by 101%. That’s a pretty emphatic statement. This fact showcases just how consumers are managing their busy life schedules and optimally adjusting to the new developments in technology. Rather than being reluctant to this change, people all over the world are embracing it. And what better way for businesses …

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Trends Shaping eCommerce in 2016 and Beyond

Mobile domination will clearly be at the forefront of eCommerce in the coming years. A discourse on the trends shaping the future of eCommerce sales would be incomplete if we don’t speak about the evident intensification of the mobile era. As per reports, mobile eCommerce sales crossed a hundred billion dollars in the U.S. last year. The figures marked a major improvement from 2014 when mobile sales totaled a tad above 75 billion dollars. Mobile eCommerce has charted an equally promising trajectory in other parts of the world, besides the US- as well. Asia, in fact, experienced faster growth than …

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How Healthy is Your Magento Store? (Infographic)

Magento is all about offering and maintaining a complete solution for your open source e-commerce requirements by fitting in the nuts & bolts of dynamic shopping cart experience, effective management of functionality and content. Magento includes the concoction of an effortless & user-friendly architecture that not only attracts the customers but it also comprises of all essentials that bind together into a comprehensive online store. No wonder why Magento is the potential solution for an optimum online store, primary reason being the ability to add plugins conveniently. No matter how brilliant a system is, it’s your maintenance and imperative accountability …

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Power your Mobile Website with WordPress

These days, websites definitely need to be responsive and mobile-friendly, no matter what they may be about or what they contain. With the sheer number of mobile users out there these days, ignoring them would be hamstringing your website quite a bit, especially if a big chunk of your target audience happens are frequent mobile users. WordPress is known to be a very robust content management system (CMS) that has a balance between functionality and ease-of-use. Perhaps it’s no surprise then that WordPress is widely used for mobile-friendly websites all over the Internet, and you too can harness its power. Best …

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5 Killer Tips to Boost ECommerce App UX

In this fast paced wave of technology, E-commerce is growing rapidly. Considering the momentum of E-commerce evolution, it is expected to break the imagination of success for those who are in this business. E-commerce has made things really easy for the consumers to indulge in a unique shopping experience. But let’s face it; shopping on mobile devices can get really tricky as the entire shopping experience is narrowed down. Instead of fighting against this limitation, the best way is to embrace it and optimize the same. Most often or not it happens, that, in the process of giving wholesome shopping …

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