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Top UX Design Tips to Improve Mobile App User Experience

Experiences create engagement, and every mobile app user deserves good experiences that they can talk about. However, offering experiential app solutions requires a lot of planning, strategizing, and creativity on your part. While you do things differently, don’t forget to adopt the basics and keep them intact. Intentional and strategically defined user experience can increase business conversion rates by a whole 400%. However, a lot of companies are still not invested in user experience design. You would find only a few thinking hard on how to define the experience. Testing is very important to identify if your app has been designed …

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5 App Design Secrets that will Make Your Intelligent Apps Look Amazing

We live in a world where it is hard to imagine a life that is not surrounded by mobile phones. This has given rise to the frenzy of app design & development. Every organization that is determined to achieve its goals needs a dope app. Consumers fancy apps with fantastic UI, and apps that are not up to the mark lose their interest too quickly. The fact that apps can boost business growth is undeniable. Apart from being able to create an app, there is one more pressing issue; app stores are loaded, and there are a plethora of apps …

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Mobile Application Development Trends 2020

What’s the Trends About Mobile Application Development In 2020?

Nowadays, our life revolves around mobile applications. From ordering food to booking a cab, almost everything is managed through it in today’s generation. According to sources, mobile application development is trends to produce a revenue of $189 billion by 2020. As a result, people are opting for mobile app development services to get desirable and accurately produced a result. That’s because the companies that provide such services keep themselves updated with the trends and technology to venture the best. With such revenue in evolving time, many of us would like to know the reason behind its fuss. So, without any …

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Blockchain in Mobile Application Market (Infographic)

Blockchain in Mobile Application Market (Infographic)

Have you ever noticed the drastic change in the tech sector after the arrival of mobile applications? We never cared about how apps changed our day-to-day lives as long as they make our life enjoyable, provide us with valuable information and eases our work. It also helped in the growth of the economy. We all accept the fact that mobile applications are fueling business growth, in order to maintain the achieved growth companies should concentrate on enhancing the standards and building trust among customers. But to do that, companies should offer highly-encrypted mobile apps that help in gaining user’s trust. This can …

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Differences Between iOS and Android App Development

It may seem like every app is built in the same way with exception to the operating system, but it is not the case at all. To be precise, the concept, built, creation and development of an app highly depend on the chosen operating system, iOS, or Android. The phenomenon might not be evident to users, but ask any developer and they’ll draft you a list of dissimilarities between the OS in a heartbeat. Before you decide what platform is best for your app, look at how iOS and Android development differ: The Target Audience The difference between iOS and …

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Top 5 Android App Templates of 2019 You Should Use in 2020

We are dwelling in an era of accelerated technological progress, where the innovation of Android app templates has changed our lives. These templates help you to create an app module or another specific Android component. The developers give an indispensable learning tool, especially for the newbies in mobile development apps. It helps them improve their coding skills as they learn the building blocks of an App. To the experienced developers, it’s a massive time saver in the sense that, they don’t have to build everything from scratch. The number of Android App today is said to be over 2.46 Million. …

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Mobile App Monetization: Effective Ways to Monetize Your App in 2020

There are more than 5 million unique applications in the App Store and Google Play combined. New apps appear regularly as people want more products for nearly everything: communication, gaming, education, work, etc. The growing demand makes the mobile/tablet software market extremely lucrative for developers. Hundreds of software development services and corporations release apps that generate billions of dollars in revenue. This guide is for all who want to earn with their own applications. If you have an idea or already working app, if you’re going to reveal the best monetization models, if you think about how to maximize earnings, …

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How to Avoid the Common Mobile App Development Pitfalls?

Every year millions of mobile applications launched in play store but they fail to get any proper response from customers. Every day, the competition in the mobile app industry is becoming extremely tough and app developers are pushing all limits to create flawless products. The expectations from users are also increasing day by day and they look for an app that will offer them a seamless user experience.  Even a small loophole in mobile app development may throw your product out of the race. Here we have listed all effective strategies that will help you to overcome common mobile app …

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Future of eCommerce Apps for Health, Fitness & Nutrition Industry

Health, fitness, and nutrition are considered important aspects of every individual’s life. With the advent of technology, people started using the latest devices for the betterment of their health. Over a period of time, people have also discovered a connection between health and smartphones with the use of mobile applications. No wonder, you will see several thousands of eCommerce apps available in the health and fitness industry. But very few of them are getting the user’s attention. This is exactly what makes this industry so challenging. The aspiring app developers need to do thorough analysis and research before venturing into …

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Things You Should Know Before Developing a Travel App

Every business organization, either a well-known brand or a startup should have its business app if most of the customer traffic is from mobile devices, to fulfill the needs of their mobile customers. Being in the travel business, it is more important to have a travel app for your business this is what customers are expecting from you and if they are expecting something, then they should get it. You like to develop a travel app for your business and have no idea where to start? Don’t worry about it, this article will help you to all the aspects to be …

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