Top-notch WordPress Role Manager Plugins for Your Consideration

Top-notch WordPress Role Manager Plugins for Your Consideration

If you’ve several users contributing to your WordPress site, then it’s imperative for you to have control over user roles and capabilities. Of course, you wouldn’t want all the users to have access to your site’s backend, as it increases the risk of the getting the website broken. Thankfully, WordPress by default makes use of a concept called Roles, which helps provide site owners with the ability to control their website users and what they can do on the site. … Continue Reading…

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Use Joomla & Joomla Extensions to Build any kind of Website – Part 2

In the previous article (Part 1) we have understood Joomla, its essentials and how to install it on a local system of on hosting server. We have also gone through the basics of how to create different websites by installing the plug-ins and customization of the same. In this part, we will discuss further on some of the functionalities of Joomla that which enhance the overall appeal of websites, add little extra flavor to the aesthetics and get you the … Continue Reading…

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