Marketing for Boring Industries: 3 Important Lessons to Learn From Insurance Companies

It’s important for Insurance companies to acknowledge that what they’re offering isn’t appealing to most people in the demographic of 18-34 years old. The under 35 years age group happens to be the largest group of internet users, consisting of over half of all internet users worldwide. This creates a huge roadblock when it comes to online marketing. Because not only are the majority of internet users not interested in insurance, but the portion that is interested still wouldn’t be … Continue Reading…


4 Unbeatable Reasons Why You Should Use a Market Research Tool

The world as it now calls for a whole host of innovative ways for businesses to take advantage of eCommerce in a bid to stand head over shoulders over the competition. This being the case, there are a number of things that the forward-looking business must invest in order to remain relevant in their chosen area of business. This area is to employ information to gain a competitive advantage over the rest of the competition. Data is the new oil- … Continue Reading…

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