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Best Magento Security Extensions for your Online Store

E-commerce business is increasing swiftly, and numerous people rush to e-commerce websites to buy products they need. Several new business owners are making an entry into e-commerce business, and it is natural that thousands of servers are working 24*7 to protect the private information of customers. When you have an E-commerce store with Magento, you need to take all possible steps to secure your site against online security vulnerabilities because hackers continuously try to hack your E-stores for their own …

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Magento eCommerce Store

How Healthy is Your Magento Store? (Infographic)

Magento is all about offering and maintaining a complete solution for your open source e-commerce requirements by fitting in the nuts & bolts of dynamic shopping cart experience, effective management of functionality and content. Magento includes the concoction of an effortless & user-friendly architecture that not only attracts the customers but it also comprises of all essentials that bind together into a comprehensive online store. No wonder why Magento is the potential solution for an optimum online store, primary reason …

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Create Highly Converting Mobile eCommerce Website Using Magento

Today, the growth of online retail continues to increase. It might even seem that new online stores and retail portals are opening up all the time, even to a point where they are beating traditional stores in the amount of business they conduct. For this to be achieved, an online retailer demands a stable eCommerce solution and an eCommerce website performance optimization which will allow the influx of customers and their successful transactions. In this field, Magento represents an eCommerce …

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8 Tips to Secure Magento Website from Hackers

Is the issue of security of your Magento website making you worried? Magento is emerging as a powerful weapon for e-commerce web development due to its up to date features. According to the latest updates and market research, Magento’s market share has been reported to be 27%. Out of Alexa top 1 Million websites, above 34,000 have been developed using Magento. It shows that Magento is a leading and in demand e-commerce web development platform. In fact, when you plan …

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