BigCommerce Enterprise vs Magento Commerce – Which One is Better?

With the realization of the immense benefits of online businesses, more and more business owners are taking their business online. Launching an online store and selling products without the boundaries of geography has simply widened the scope of growth for businesses. From known global brands to small local stores, everyone is joining the eCommerce trend. This trend has increased the demand for reliable and easy to use eCommerce platform for setting up the online store. Depending on your need and budget, you need to choose a platform that fits.  For brands witnessing a high influx of traffic and transactions, BigCommerce …

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Magento vs WordPress: When to Choose Which Platform in 2020?

The success of your online store depends largely on which platform you have chosen to develop the website. One of the most common questions that web-developers face every day is whether to choose WordPress or Magento. Most web developers consider factors such as the type of business, design complexity, and client requirements, among others, before making their choice. Whether developing a blog site or an e-commerce website, every developer faces the question of using WordPress or Magento once in their life. Choosing the right CMS platform can make a world of difference in the feel and effectiveness of your end …

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All You Should Know About Magento 2 Multi-Source Inventory

Do you hold an eCommerce store? Is it tough to manage the inventory of your online business? With the most recent arrival of the Magento 2.3 form, Magento 2 has also introduced MSI that is called the Multi-Source Inventory for stock administration. An inquiry may emerge to numerous clients like for what reason do you truly require a Magento 2 Multi-Source Inventory? All things considered; it was hard to deal with the multi-source stock all from a solitary site. The recent trend of inventory management with multiple channels was on a high peak with Magento. In general, a Magento e-commerce website …

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Magento 2 Migration: All you need to know (Infographic)

Around 9% of the world’s eCommerce websites are powered by Magento, so we can estimate the importance of this platform nowadays. But as we all know Magento 1 will be ended by June 2020. So, if you are one of those 100 thousand users of Magento 1 then you must check Magento 2 because, in the end, you will have to think about migration to Magento 2. To start from the basics, there are three editions of Magento 2: 1. Magento 2 Open Source The official name of the open-source Magento 2 is Community Edition. It is more favorable for small organizations …

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Web Design - Web Development

13 Best Website Builders for Small Businesses

Website building doesn’t necessarily have to be about complicated codes and programming skills. A string of web tools is designed for a wider number of users willing to create their own websites – well, without really the help of codes or prior experience in web designing. There is no dearth of such website builders aimed at helping you bolster your online presence. A website can well be regarded as the face of your online presence. What does it take to convert your website into a virtual money-spinner? The immediate answer to this question would be professional web design. Can website …

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Magento PWA Studio: The Progressive Web App Tool for Magento!

Smartphones are the only devices that are changing the internet and the traffic generating on it. If you go through any internet traffic statistics reports, mobile traffic has soared 51.4 percent traffic and made 31% of internet revenue. In today’s time, it is a stark reminder for retailers, shopkeepers, store managers, etc. to make mobile eCommerce app and earn money with mobile conversion rates. The online market or the internet market started with websites, then followed by mobile applications, and now is running wild with cutting-edge PWA! You must have noticed ‘Add to Home Screen’ banner on a few websites …

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12 of the Best Free Open-Source eCommerce Platforms for 2019-2020

So, you want to sell online. No matter whether you are a retailer of physical products or have a service for sale, you are in need of an eCommerce solution. The decision now is what type of platform do you use. The basic choice here is between open-source, free eCommerce platforms (for example WooCommerce), or one which involves the payment of a monthly fee (such as Shopify). These two eCommerce platforms are two of the most well-known in each category, but the truth is, like everything else on the internet, there are loads of options. But the first major decision …

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8 Best E-Commerce Platforms for You to Use in 2019

Selling on the internet has become one of the most common things for everyone. Not to mention the fact that it will continue to be a norm and online shops will grow even more in the future. Of course, those who have been on the selling end know how important it is to keep up with e-commerce trends, one of which is moving to another platform if the situation calls for it. When that happens, you will need to find a platform that will be your go-to place. The list below should give a decent enough overview of everything that …

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A Quick Look at the Best eCommerce Solutions for 2019

What does 2019 have in store for the online retail community? This question seems to be on everyone’s minds and yet, there is not one simple answer. Some will stress the use of multi-channel marketing in order to appeal to a wider audience. Others will tout the advancements in search engine optimization and how these moves will impact one’s rankings within a search engine results page. Others will stress that organic marketing has come full circle; highlighting the importance of speaking to the client as opposed to an online SEO algorithm. In truth, all of these concepts could very well …

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Top 6 Reasons Your Magento Website Should Switch to WordPress

WordPress is the most popular content management system. 50% of the market share is held by WordPress. It not only provides help for business but for health too. Finding a solution to publish the content can be a very tough task and can even cause a person headache. WordPress is the most appreciated by everyone, as it is a great platform for the bloggers. There is a publishing platform available to the customers with a great mix of flexibility, functionality, convenience, and proper support and this platform are WordPress. A person can even hire Magento expert as the web development …

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