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Why You Should Consider Translation in Your Small Business

Most startups never think about localization or translation until later on in the business cycle. However, if started earlier, it can accelerate business growth and increase revenue streams. Owners of small businesses or tiny startups are normally focused on recouping their starting capital. This money might have been raised through a bank loan, financing through friends and well-wishers or even through savings made over many years. Therefore, their minds are predominantly fixated on offsetting such debts and regaining stability in their lives. The greatest focus is generally placed in getting as much revenue as possible through large sales volumes. The …

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How to Use AI & Machine Learning on Your Startup Project?

Today, Artificial Intelligence (AI) and Machine Learning are one of the hot topics in the tech industry. In fact, Artificial Intelligence (AI) is impacting the business world more than our daily lives. Almost all young and start-up companies nowadays would like to talk about how they leverage Artificial Intelligence or Machine Learning. This helps them to make their product or service sound special and exciting. Such advanced technologies reduce the chances of error, thereby improving efficiency. Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning go beyond human intelligence for offering solutions in different areas like Fintech, E-commerce, Education and Healthcare. Artificial Intelligence (AI) Artificial …

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AI Artificial Intelligence Aided Machine Learning

Artificial Intelligence Aided Machine Learning – The Future of Reality

Humanity’s great passion since times immemorial has been to shape everything in the surrounding into a reflection of the self or an extension of the capabilities. First, there were simple tools, serving to accentuate the capabilities of the hands; later, crude machines built to do the work of many people, or at least ease the work of one, came into existence. In the modern era, humanity is en route to a revolution: machines that have intelligence on par with that of humans; hence the moniker Artificial Intelligence (AI). This begs the question: what can AI do, if it has the …

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Robot - Machine - Artificial Intelligence

The Era of Artificial Intelligence: 5 Ways AI is Changing the Web

Artificial intelligence is undoubtedly one of the hottest topics these days. We often find ourselves interacting with AI without even knowing it. Various tech giants such as Facebook, IBM, Google, and Microsoft are all engaging in different AI-initiatives. They are competing on building digital personal assistants such as Facebook’s M, Apple’s Siri and Cortana from Microsoft. Mark Zuckerberg even plans to build his own model of Iron Man’s Jarvis to run his home. Even the World Economic Forum, which was held in Davos, emphasized that artificial intelligence will usher in an industrial revolution, which is predicted to change society. We may …

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Impacts on Machine Translation

When translation and technology are mentioned in the same breath, many people’s thoughts turn immediately to machine translation – the process whereby a computer program translates a text from one natural language into another. Machine translation has been around for more than fifty years, and the quality of machine translation output has improved considerably over that time. There are apocryphal tales of early machine translation systems that translated “hydraulic ram” into the French equivalent of “water goat” and “The vodka is good, but the steak is lousy.” Machine translation errors are not entirely a thing of the past, but they …

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