How Your Website Can Win Over Comparison Shoppers

Comparison shopping is huge. It’s always been popular, but the ease of navigating the internet has made it more effortless than ever. In fact, you’ve probably comparison shopped for something within the last week. But from a sales and marketing perspective, how can businesses get better at winning over comparison shoppers directly from their websites? Five Ways to Influence Comparison Shoppers Comparison shoppers are notoriously hard to convert. Not only are they super price sensitive, but they also exhibit minimal signs of brand loyalty. They’re much more focused on the price tag than on the brand name or the packaging. …

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eCommerce - Mobile Commerce

Why Mobile Commerce is the Future of Retail Sales?

Gone are the days when smartphones were considered a luxury and with that, so are the traditional means of shopping. A staggering statistic showing the increase in retail sales, in the USA can sum it all up. In the first quarter of the year 2016 itself, retail sales via smartphones grew by 101%. That’s a pretty emphatic statement. This fact showcases just how consumers are managing their busy life schedules and optimally adjusting to the new developments in technology. Rather than being reluctant to this change, people all over the world are embracing it. And what better way for businesses …

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eCommerce Conversion

Trends Shaping eCommerce in 2016 and Beyond

Mobile domination will clearly be at the forefront of eCommerce in the coming years. A discourse on the trends shaping the future of eCommerce sales would be incomplete if we don’t speak about the evident intensification of the mobile era. As per reports, mobile eCommerce sales crossed a hundred billion dollars in the U.S. last year. The figures marked a major improvement from 2014 when mobile sales totaled a tad above 75 billion dollars. Mobile eCommerce has charted an equally promising trajectory in other parts of the world, besides the US- as well. Asia, in fact, experienced faster growth than …

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Magento eCommerce Store

How Healthy is Your Magento Store? (Infographic)

Magento is all about offering and maintaining a complete solution for your open source e-commerce requirements by fitting in the nuts & bolts of dynamic shopping cart experience, effective management of functionality and content. Magento includes the concoction of an effortless & user-friendly architecture that not only attracts the customers but it also comprises of all essentials that bind together into a comprehensive online store. No wonder why Magento is the potential solution for an optimum online store, primary reason being the ability to add plugins conveniently. No matter how brilliant a system is, it’s your maintenance and imperative accountability …

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Mobile E-Commerce

5 Killer Tips to Boost ECommerce App UX

In this fast paced wave of technology, E-commerce is growing rapidly. Considering the momentum of E-commerce evolution, it is expected to break the imagination of success for those who are in this business. E-commerce has made things really easy for the consumers to indulge in a unique shopping experience. But let’s face it; shopping on mobile devices can get really tricky as the entire shopping experience is narrowed down. Instead of fighting against this limitation, the best way is to embrace it and optimize the same. Most often or not it happens, that, in the process of giving wholesome shopping …

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Mobile App eCommerce

How to Develop an App for your E-commerce Site

Studies on E-commerce point to the phenomenal growth that this industry is facing. Thanks to the deployment of some amazing technology, the global E-commerce space is set to surpass the figure of $3.5 trillion within the next five years.  The web will account for 12.4% of global retail sales by the year 2019. This is according to the market research firm eMarketer. There are many things that a smart business owner would do when it comes to growing his or her online shopping site. One of the important components of this growth strategy is the use of the right kind …

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5 Key Points When Building eCommerce Mobile App in 2016

5 Key Points When Building eCommerce Mobile App in 2016

ECommerce mobile apps are quite a game change in digital sales. They are fast-growing sectors that are increasingly registering very good sales. Imagining your mobile app is just the first step and one which can be useless if not followed up with the right development steps. There are lots of small details that need to be integrated, functionally, in order to get your mobile application development right. When you are planning eCommerce mobile app design, it is important to have a good checklist that will ready you for successful app development. During the initial discovery process, it is important to …

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Give a Boost to your Business with Mobile Payment Services

Give a Boost to your Business with Mobile Payment Services

Mobile Payment Services refer to a payment service conducted under financial regulation and performed from or via a smartphone. Here, instead of paying with cash, cheque or credit/debit cards, you can pay for a vast range of services, digital and hard goods through a mobile phone. The idea of having non-coin-based currency systems is not so modern as we have found the traces of a similar concept in the history too. However, the perfect touch of technology has made it more prominent these days. Growth in the Pay-by-Phone Crowd As the consumers are showing a great interest in various payment …

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Mobile E-Commerce

Things You Should Know Prior to Opting Mobile E-Commerce

The most important trend with e-commerce is occurring on tiny screens. Mobile conversion rates are huge right this moment probably bigger than you think. If you’ve recently been neglecting mobile conversion optimization, it’s time to hone in on the few specifics, and get with the game. Everyone understands that e-commerce is usually a constantly growing area of the larger retail store and the business sector landscape, but are you aware that mobile E-commerce keeps growing faster? Given the actual growing variety of Smartphone along with tablet users, this is understandable, but it is possible to a lot of e-commerce retailers …

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5 Awesome Mobile Payment Options - Pay With Your Phone

5 Awesome Mobile Payment Options – Pay With Your Phone

The mobile payment industry is one of the fastest-growing industries as more and more businesses are providing mobile payment options to expand their business for an increasing number of online and walk-in consumers who prefer mobile payment methods. This has been evident by the growth of $100 billion industry in 2011 to $431 billion industry now [1] which is expected to double by 2019 [2] and a growing interest by technology giants like Apple, Samsung, and Google to launch their own products in this domain. The industrious growth of the mobile payment is mainly due to mushrooming of innovative mobile payment …

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