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21 Tips on How to Do Location-based Marketing in 2019

If you are planning to promote your product to your existing as well as new customers, then you need to run an impressive marketing campaign that can help you to achieve your goals effectively. Location-based marketing is one such strategy which is getting a lot of attention from companies who want to promote their brand to customers. A recent analysis has predicted that in coming time companies will spend a chunk of their advertising budget on location-based advertising and the figure might cross $25 billion. If you want to stand out from your competition, then you need to know all …

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What Exactly is the SEO & Marketing for Dentist in 2019?

One of the more important aspects of running a successful dental practice is the acquisition of new patients. Your clientele is the lifeblood of your organization, without a strong base it may be difficult to effectively sustain your business in the long haul. Once upon a time, having your business listed in the Yellow Pages and having a few billboards or park benches was the best form of dentist marketing. In today’s world, more than 75% of potential patients begin searching for a new dentist online. In other words, SEO marketing for dentist has become an increasingly integral aspect of …

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Top 5 Local SEO Strategies to Increase Your Traffic

Having a business website is a great way to reach potential customers. But it is not always necessary that every person on the web looking for a particular service should come to your website. This is where local SEO comes into play because SERP rankings really matter when you want better traffic to your virtual storefront. Optimizing the search results is way more advanced and productive strategy than following the traditional marketing trends. So, here we have 5 amazing Local SEO strategies to target which can help you to boost your traffic for increased sales and visibility. Recommended for you: …

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The Value of Business Marketing Via Local and Business Directories

Marketing is like the icing on the cake to a business. It’s what makes people who don’t yet know the value of a business develop an interest in it and want to discover what it has to offer. Without marketing, businesses would take a very long time to peak if they ever get noticed at all. For this reason, there are advertisements everywhere. As a business, you’ve got to be known; especially when introducing yourself online. The internet is a vast place. In fact, the internet is like the Universe itself; its true size will never be known and the …

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SEO Tips: Keys to Ranking for Voice Search in 2018

Voice search has been a hot topic for a number of years now, and with good reason. Data shows that more searches than ever, around 60% according to Hitwise, are performed on mobile devices. This alone changes the thinking or SEO agencies, but there is more. Voice searches are rising incrementally, and 2018 promises to be an even bigger year than ever in that arena. Think of it this way: Siri is your best friend on an Apple device; it is now a part of the desktop and laptop operating system as well as iPhones and iPads. Even before this …

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How to Promote Your Brick-and-Mortar Store Online

Although online stores are very much in vogue these days, there is no reason to assume that someone cannot promote their business online simply because it’s a brick and mortar store. Nowadays most of your potential customers would Google any particular product/service they intend to purchase before heading to the store. If you are looking to reach out to more customers, then having an online presence is an absolute prerequisite. A website along with social media pages would help you engage with your customers and convert potential customers into loyal buyers. In order to attract more customers to your brick …

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Reasons Why Every New Local Business Needs a Website

Are you in the process of opening a local business? Wondering what it will take to generate interest? Hoping to hit the ground running, as to give yourself the best chance of success? It goes without saying that there are many things you can do to spread the word about your new business. While it’s important to consider every last marketing strategy, here’s something you should keep in mind: a website is an absolute must. It’s easy to believe that you can get by without a website, but you don’t have to look any further than your competition to realize …

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Global Marketing – Selling a Product across Cultural Borders

Running an online business selling a product may seem simple – advertise your product, draw in customers, sell. However, with so many competing products, getting people to buy your product actually proves quite difficult. This statement is true for both national and international businesses, irrespective of the size of your eCommerce business. It is not that easy to sell products online, especially across cultural and geographic borders. Therefore, here are a few ways to bump your business in a competitive online world. Identify your target market Not just a general target audience, this being anyone who might find your product …

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How to Optimize Local Search for Competing with Big Sites

Have you just entered the SEO world and wondering how to survive in this cut-throat competition? This article would guide you through a right way. As an entrepreneur of a small business or a website, it’s apparent that you might wish to get searched on the first page of search results. However, local and small businesses find themselves in the disadvantageous position as compared to big brands. Because they have already established themselves in the market with their huge budget and robust branding strategy. Unlike websites of big companies, small sites find it arduous to compete with them. Nonetheless, there …

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Google My Business Page Location Map

Acquisition and Optimization of Your Google My Business Page

Of the many important sources for your local online business information, Google My Business is the most critical. This is considered the “First Stop” for many online directories when it comes to “scraping” your NAP (name, address and phone number) information for the purpose of creating citations. The information in the listing is what is displayed by Google when your business is referenced directly in a Google search or when you appear as the result of a search for your category. This information is displayed in the “Google Blended” results as well as Google Maps results, and Google Plus Pages. …

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