Impacts on Machine Translation

When translation and technology are mentioned in the same breath, many people’s thoughts turn immediately to machine translation – the process whereby a computer program translates a text from one natural language into another. Machine translation has been around for more than fifty years, and the quality of machine translation output has improved considerably over that time. There are apocryphal tales of early machine translation systems that translated “hydraulic ram” into the French equivalent of “water goat” and “The vodka is good, but the steak is lousy.” Machine translation errors are not entirely a thing of the past, but they are certainly less common and considerably less outrageous than in previous times. This is due to a combination of factors. Advances in technology: First, advances in technology mean that it is possible to build larger databases of lexicons, grammar rules, and even extra-linguistic knowledge. This advance cannot be understated not until very recently has there been a corpus of massive human expression in written form. With millions of web pages and thousands of websites serving the basis of this human big-data there is an endless supply of input for the neural networks to feed from. Social networking sites like Facebook, … Continue Reading…


RSMonials – FAQ (Russian Language Support)

Extension Name: RS-Monials | From: Dmitriy Dmitriy: Good day, I’ve tried your component RSMonials. It is right what I was looking for. I’ve changed everything on Russian in a language file and everything was working on a local server. After I’ve published my site in the internet, testimonials in Russian began to display ????. I’ve checked, all the files are encoded in UTF-8. Testimonials in English are still displaying in a proper way. Please help to solve the problem. Thanks Support Team: Thanks for your email. Please check the following: 1. Please add one new testimonial in Russian language and check it is displaying correctly or not. 2. Please check the collation of the table “#__rsmonials” in your database. (here #__ can be any value) You may need to set the collation correctly for Russian language. Dmitriy: Thank you for your answer. 1. All testimonials in Russian are displaying incorrectly. 2. Could you please help me? Where should I look for my database? and especially for collation? Thanks a lot Support Team: We can help you to figure our the problem. But for this you need provide us the access on your database and admin panel. Is it possible? Please let us … Continue Reading…


FAQ – RSMonials (Display Testimonial Submission Form + Translation in Portuguese Language)

Extension Name: RS-Monials | From: João Paulo Lopes João Paulo Lopes: I have just installed RS-Monial Component and RS-Monial module on my website (version 2.0 – joomla 2.5) and I can’t find the option Display “Testimonial Submission Form” in front end or not.” Help me please, Thanks in advance, João Paulo Lopes, Portugal Support Team: There is a little update in the new version. Now this option you can get in time of adding the menu item. Just add your menu item and you can see one parameter for this. João Paulo Lopes: Thanks, One more question, If I want use portuguese language, I need to translate? Thanks again, João Paulo Lopes Support Team: Yes, go to “Joomla Admin” => “Components” => “RSMonials” => “Language File” and then edit the respective language file as per your requirement. João Paulo Lopes: Thanks TwitterFacebookGoogle+LinkedinPinterest


FAQ – RSMonials (Chinese Language)

Extension Name: RS-Monials | From: ChiBin ChiBin: I have a problem where I write a testimonial in Chinese language. However, once submitted, the text is changed to ?????????. It had been tested with different computers and browsers. I can view Chinese language in any other website. Anything i can do to get Chinese testimonial displayed correctly? Support Team: Thanks for your email. We think you need to change the “Collation” of your database table called “jos_rsmonials”. For this you need to access your database and need to do the needful. If you are not sure then please ask your web developer to do the same. Or if you wish we can also help you in this regards. ChiBin: Thanks for your feedback. I have fixed it. Just for sharing if any others have this issue. In my case, changing “Collation” for database via database table setting can’t solved the problem. What I did was alter it using sql query ” ALTER TABLE tablename CONVERT TO CHARACTER SET utf8 ” This solved the problem. Thanks again for your assist. TwitterFacebookGoogle+LinkedinPinterest