5 Tips for Designers to Create Rich Cross-cultural Design Experiences

Cross-cultural design involves the process of creating a design that will be cut across all cultures. Cross-cultural designs are very important than it used to be before because firms from one continent are trying to penetrate other continents. A firm that is based in Europe, for example, can penetrate the African market through its design. Once such a firm understands what Africans want, the firm can inculcate it into a design and use it to gain access to its market. …

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Emerging Programming Languages to Watch Out For in 2019-2020

Emerging Programming Languages to Watch Out For in 2019-2020

In the modern day, there are many emerging programming languages that serve different purposes. Some are used for web development, others work for native mobile apps, and some others can do it all and even something more. As more innovative technological solutions emerge and change the world as we know it, people get more interested in technologies behind them. A programming language is responsible for enhancing technology, boosting progress, and changing the way humanity lives and works to a great …

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Elixir Programming Language

The Pros & Cons of Elixir Programming Language

Evolution and research of programming languages are continuous! From the development of first high-level programming language in 1942 to development of open source languages, different generations of programming languages have defined different decades of programming activity. There are hundreds of programming languages to choose from, so the basic question is which the best language for any particular project is? PHP, Python, and Ruby are amongst the most popular programming languages. Over the past years, another language has gained a lot …

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A Beginners Guide to Using Scala In Apache Spark

A Beginners Guide to Using Scala In Apache Spark

Scalable Language, popularly known by the acronym Scala is a general all-purpose language that was developed as an object-oriented and functional programming language. This language enables programmers to be more productive and is particularly useful for those who want to write their programmers in an elegant, type-safe and concise way. When a user writes their code in Scala, they can see the similarity of its style to that of a scripting language. Scala has gained a lot of recognition since …

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3 Things You Should You Know About Python & Python Developer Salary

Today, in a technology-driven world, programming is a high demand skill. Considering a growing need for coders, almost everyone wants to become one. However, this idea might turn out quite tricky for employers. Thus, when looking for a perfect developer, check out Python developer salary experience and the best hiring strategies. Due to its simplicity, basically anyone can download a Python tutorial and start learning one, but it doesn’t mean that this coder will be able to meet all your …

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How to Learn Programming Faster – 5 Tips To Guide You

The salaries of coding jobs are very attractive; in fact, the job of coding is itself a very attractive one. If you are a rookie in the programming world and are looking to make a jump into it just because you are enticed by the multitude of job opportunities from cool companies with cool culture, you need to know that you have to be very dedicated. Though the tech space is one of the best for job seekers in this …

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Make your Website Multiligual using Multilingualizer

This article will prove to be very informative for those who are thinking of making their website multilingual. At first, let me tell you that this article is not to give you an idea what a multilingual website is. Rather you can say this is a research which I did for one of my clients. I have researched for a couple of days regarding finding out the best multilingual service provider for my client’s website. We all know that there …

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programming code web development

Top 10 Programming Languages for Web Development

It is spot on that the technology world is getting higher and growing immensely every day. The modern technological world is coming up with new trend tablets every day. So, the competition too has full-fledged in the technological world. A lot of technological developments are combating each other to arrive at the top position. In this, technological world, web development is a very important thing. In the present day, programmers and web developers are in huge demand in the field. …

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Impacts on Machine Translation

When translation and technology are mentioned in the same breath, many people’s thoughts turn immediately to machine translation – the process whereby a computer program translates a text from one natural language into another. Machine translation has been around for more than fifty years, and the quality of machine translation output has improved considerably over that time. There are apocryphal tales of early machine translation systems that translated “hydraulic ram” into the French equivalent of “water goat” and “The vodka …

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RSMonials – FAQ (Russian Language Support)

Extension Name: RS-Monials | From: Dmitriy Dmitriy: Good day, I’ve tried your component RSMonials. It is right what I was looking for. I’ve changed everything on Russian in a language file and everything was working on a local server. After I’ve published my site in the internet, testimonials in Russian began to display ????. I’ve checked, all the files are encoded in UTF-8. Testimonials in English are still displaying in a proper way. Please help to solve the problem. Thanks …

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