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Top Most Popular Free Joomla Templates by JoomForest in 2020

If you are using Joomla CMS, then it will be very difficult to choose the best free Joomla template for your website when there are many templates on the market. A lot of Joomla template designers offer free templates as well as premium ones too. By figuring out what is the type of your website where your new template will be used – that is the main and the best way to choose the perfect Joomla template. For example, a website may be a business page, a web store, or a forum-blog. There are awesome portfolio, business, blog, webshop, magazine …

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Car Dealer Website with Joomla 3 Template – A Complex and Professional Solution

As an auto dealer, it’s all about sales! You need a website easy to use, designed to present appealing photos of your cars and attract the attention of potential new buyers. Are you searching an idea for earning money or for business? I will tell you how to do it using a Joomla 3 template example to help you to get into right direction. The greatest solution to buy or sell any type of vehicle can be in your hands. Everything is possible with the masterpiece of functionality, and great looking design. Also if you are already in this business …

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EF4 Framework for Joomla 3 by Joomla-Monster

EF4 Framework: It’s free Joomla! 3 framework for everyone! Web developers find it as the perfect solution to customize the template quickly as well as everyone who is familiar with Joomla but don’t want to dive in the template code to change its appearance. Thanks to tons of handy settings you will be able to configure the template with ease and modify the template scheme in a minute! Template based on EF4 framework are highly adjustable that’s why they may be used for multiple purposes. Working on the project becomes extremely painless now – simply enable the theme customizer at …

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joomla template framework

Best Joomla Template Framework

Imagine a webpage as a white canvas without having anything on it as of now. Like dexterous artist, Joomla developer has to use his/her talent to fill-up the empty canvas with masterly crafted strokes of creativity. Like how the brush & platter helps the master artist to give a shape to the thoughts, ‘Joomla template’ helps the developer to design the webpage that holds the content. What is Joomla template in technical language mean? A template is a control that manages the overall layout and its looks of a website. It works on both front end (user side) and back-end (admin side) …

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