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6 Amazing Joomla SEO Plugins That Will Win Google’s Heart

SEO is a term that most business owners avoid like the “plague.” They just don’t understand it; they don’t know what Google’s algorithms are; they have heard of “keywords” perhaps, but little more. The smart ones realize that they need help and employ the services of SEO specialists who have become experts, who know what “clues” Google looks for in determining the value and usability of a website or blog posts to visitors. These “experts” know that value can come … Continue Reading…


Top 10 Joomla SEO Tips & Tricks to Rank High in Search Engines

Web site owners always strive to rank top in all search engines. Being ranked top of the search engine means that the site is visited by every person who uses their browser to search for related information. To achieve this, all site owners strive to optimize their sites such as by use of search engine optimization techniques. These include content catchy content, outstanding web- design and use of specialized words in their site identities. The most common and reliable method … Continue Reading…

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