Best Programming Language for iOS App Development

The process of building an iOS application can be hectic. Whether through outsource or not, there are various decisions you must make for the development to be swift and seamless. One of these decisions is the programming language to code the iOS app in as there are countless available options like python, C++, Swift, Objective-C and many others doing great even in the outsourcing world. In this article, we will explain the best programming language for developing an iOS app. Requisite for Developing an iOS Application The gadgets of Apple (iPhone, iPad, iWatch) have become the zenith of tablets and …

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Event-Driven Programming: Why Is It Trending Now?

Event-driven programming (EDP) is changing the world of software development services and becoming part and parcel of today’s development. Its spread was stimulated by Windows and the dissemination of visual RAD environments. As its name suggests, the programming approach focuses on events. The latter may be user-initiated, systemic, and program-generated. The most common areas of EDP application today include the creation of GUIs, server apps, and multi-player game development. Unlike old-style programs controlling the user’s options and predetermining the flow of events, more adaptive and innovative programming came up with a graphical user interface (GUI). The GUI changed the human-computer …

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Ups and Downs of Kotlin Programming Language – Is It Better than Java?

When you say Android programming, the chances are that the first programming language that comes to your mind is Java, and rightfully so. But since Google announced they now started to support Kotlin as Android’s official language, the situation is likely to change in the future. Nevertheless, just like Kotlin programming language has raised a few questions. One of them asked both by seasoned professionals and new entrants on the market for Android apps, is whether it’s smart to make a transition to this latest craze of a language or stick to the traditional and well-known Java. After weighing all …

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Java Development Programming

Java Programming: The Core Concepts of Java Development

The Java language is a leading programming tool for object-oriented programming, which is widely used to develop websites, mobile apps, and embedded software for microdevices and chips. Java is considered a programming language that is easier to learn compared to languages from the C# family, PHP, and Python, and the one that will power the evolution of the Internet of Things networks. Nonetheless, Java development requires from developers to be well aware of a few core programming concepts and ideas, especially bearing in mind that at least three Java versions are in broad use today – from Java 6 to …

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JavaFX Desktop Applications

How to Develop Simple JavaFX Desktop Applications

JavaFX is can basically be described as a platform which is used for creating Rich Internet Applications better known as RIA’s which can further run on a various computer and as well as on mobile phones. In simpler term, JavaFX enables you to develop several desktop applications depending upon the requirements. There are several steps involved in developing a simple JavaFX desktop applications with few discussed below. If you don’t want to go through the pain of taking care of all these intricacies, you can simply outsource Java development. The JavaFX is an advanced framework intentional to support for desktop …

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Beef Up Your Information Technology Skills with Online Training

With the costs of learning on steep declines, it’s increasingly possible to get a job or hobby-relevant training on the cheap. And often, independent certifications and courses can pack a much more significant punch in terms of growing skill sets than a whole university degree. After all, you’re probably not going to be using much of that Film Studies 101 elective for your job in Information Technology, and the fact that most university degrees can cost whole years’ salaries is making many individuals reconsider it as an option. So if you want to focus on professional development, or even if …

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5 Best Programming Languages for Mobile App Development

5 Best Programming Languages for Mobile App Development

Mobile apps have become an inevitable part of one’s everyday life. Be it buying clothes, grocery and other accessories, browsing music and movies, or accessing emails etc – all you need to do is to tap on an app. It won’t be wrong to say that mobile apps are the modernistic way to reach potential audience regardless of their physical location. This has fuelled another competition among businesses to come up with an app that can help achieving an unshakable position in the market. And, businesses rely on developer’s for getting a user-friendly yet highly engaging app to prevent losing …

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programming code web development

Top 10 Programming Languages for Web Development

It is spot on that the technology world is getting higher and growing immensely every day. The modern technological world is coming up with new trend tablets every day. So, the competition too has full-fledged in the technological world. A lot of technological developments are combating each other to arrive at the top position. In this, technological world, web development is a very important thing. In the present day, programmers and web developers are in huge demand in the field. It has become an important thing to have a good knowledge in programming languages. What are the top programming languages? …

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How to Bulk Load Data from Text File to Big Data Hadoop HBase Table?

Here we are introducing the process of bulk loading of data from text file using HBase java client API. The worldwide Hadoop development community will learn in this post about bulk loading and when to use it and how its process is looks like. We are introducing bulk loading of data using HBase bulk load feature using HBase java client API. Bulk Loading: HBase gives us random, real-time, read/write access to Big Data, generally we try to load data to HBase table via the client APIs or by using a MapReduce job with TableOutputFormat, but those approaches are problematic, Instead, the …

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7 Predictions About 2014

7 Predictions About 2014

As 2014 is already here, we are here too, with our predictions and hopes for the year and from the year. Without beating around the bush, lets see what these predictions are. It Will Be All About SmartPhones Although for North Americans and West Europeans, this might sound a bit strange, as you are already having the best Apple, Samsung, Sony or HTC has to offer, it is not till middle of 2013 when the sales of smartphones started to match the predictions in the regions like Asia, South America or Eastern Europe. We have said this umpteen number of …

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