The Advantages and Disadvantages of Laptops You Should Know

Information technology has deeply penetrated many areas of our lives. Almost any modern person can hardly imagine himself without such devices as a smartphone, a computer, a laptop, etc. And if only recently, a stationary computer was the limit of dreams, now this area has expanded enormously. The era of portable devices, such as laptops, has come and it’s absolutely not surprising. If you look at the statistics, then the notebook market is developing much faster than the computer and …

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7 Fantastic iPad Solutions & Apps for Use in Events

Tablets and iPads are being used increasingly at events. They streamline data capture, allow you to do quick visual demos and presentation of your products and services. We detail 7 great solutions and apps to use at events using an iPad. Lock your company website in kiosk mode If you using an iPad to display your website in a stand, which is left unattended. It’s a good idea to use a third party browser that will lock the iPad onto …

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5 Gadget Inventions That Make a Web Developer Life Easier

Since innumerable centuries humans are giving high efforts being focused on one aspect that is making life easier! Let it be the wheel or a cart, any of the inventions is targeted to make life simpler and convenient reducing human effort. From the time of beginning, humans are inventing different equipment that brings comfort, and human executes the concerned works tirelessly. With the advancement of technology, several smart products have been invented which are targeted on the same – making life easier …

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Best Finance Apps for Apple iPhone or iPad Users

Managing finances have never been a straightforward and a pleasant job. All those figures, incomes, and outcomes… You could use a hand, something like a personal finance advisor, someone who would track your expenses and help you save money and organize your bills, right? Say no more. Here is a list of useful finance apps that will assist with every aspect of economic affairs. Always by your side, easily accessible and most importantly – free. Even better than a finance …

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Advancement of Android Lollipop Over iOS 8

The 2014 was the year of big releases, especially in the mobile world. The tech giants of mobile world Google & Apple released their latest mobile operating systems Android Lollipop and iOS respectively. Both of the mobile OS got a warm welcome by users & the mobile critics in spite of the fact that Android is ahead of iOS in terms of user’s quantity. Android is currently running on 84% of smartphones and stands far ahead of iOS that runs …

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best large screen tablets

6 Current Best Large Screen Tablets

All over the world, needy users are in pursuit of best large screen tablets that can easy to carry and meet all their needs too. We have identified six such large screen tablets that are widely popular, come with some unique but many common features and carry different price tags that would match with the different necessities of their buyers. Out list of those 6 large screen Tablets is: Let us check how the above have become the best large …

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