Instagram Influencer Marketing – Some Tips for Getting Success

There’s much to be said about Instagram influencer marketing. It has the enormous power over the reputation of your brand. If done right, entrepreneurs can leverage the marketing capabilities of everyday consumers to increase sales. It can also help you hone in on what your target audience really gravitates towards most. You can use that valuable information in your future campaigns. Influencer marketing is very prevalent in today’s social economy, and it comprises a vast space in the brand building. … Continue Reading…


7 Stellar Examples to Effectively Implement Newsjacking for Online Marketing!

Newsjacking is the process whereby brands capitalize on the news stories. The aim is to jump the bandwagon as well as to capture audience’s attention. If done in an efficient manner, you will have positive brand awareness. A double edged sword, done wrong it can backfire. The art of picking up the relevant story is essential here since only that can create value for your brand, in turn. PR of your brand will be off the roof! Now that we … Continue Reading…


Is Influencer Marketing the Future of Marketing? (Infographic)

Looking for ways to leverage your marketing efforts? Why not try implementing influencers into your marketing strategy? Influencer marketing has recently been adopted by marketers across the globe in order to achieve their goals more effectively. There’s a good reason for this. Whether it’s with lead generation, boosting conversions, or gaining more loyal customers; influencer marketing has shown to be beneficial in improving all these aspects. Facts behind influencer marketing and its benefits If you’re skeptical about these claims, you … Continue Reading…

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