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How to Optimize Your Website for Better Lead Generation?

Having an online presence is not a choice anymore… it’s critical that every business has a website. A website has almost become the face of a business in today’s digital age. But then there are zillions of them out there on the web. So, what will make your website stand out so that your target audience will be compelled into initiating an inquiry or filling the form or clicking on that Submit button? It is here that a website needs to be optimized for better lead generation. After all, all successful business deals or sales originated as leads. Generating leads …

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5 Growth Marketing Strategies That are Proven to Boost Sales

Do you need help with growth hacking your product sales? Are you wondering what the best marketing strategies that will boost your SaaS business growth are? This article will show you the top marketing growth strategies you can start using for your SaaS business growth. To get consumers with a full service or product to switch brands is a challenging undertaking. Why? Because the brands they are already using have a long-standing reputation. So convincing users to adapt your product or service becomes tricky. Sometimes it takes months or years before you can crack the nut and get consumers to …

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Converting Existing Traffic: 5 Effective Tools to Skyrocket Conversions

Oftentimes marketers focus all of their waking hours on devising strategies that are set to boost their company’s traffic. Different combinations of various conversion strategies are attempted and bought into in the hope that visitor figures will take a brief upturn. AdWords campaign after AdWords campaign can come and go, with marketers seeing little in the way of tangible results when it comes to traffic. Marketing budgets can be squandered with little meaningful research behind the strategy it’s being blown on. Fundamentally, the battle for traffic can be a mysterious one that’s unwinnable for companies that can’t throw millions of dollars …

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Why ECommerce Brands Need Customer Retention Marketing?

Customer retention marketing is a must, especially for an eCommerce business. This is the best way to make sure to get sales with your existing customers. That way, you can even get new customers from word of mouth. However, making your customers stays with you is not as easy as it sounds. You will need to do other things to set you apart from other shopping websites. You also need to leave an impression on your website visitors that you mean business. If you don’t know where to start, you can check some list below in order for you to …

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How to Properly Add Video Marketing to Your Content Strategy?

If one picture is worth a thousand words, what kind of value could you place on a video? In terms of investment, well-made, relevant video content brings an above-average return. How much are we talking about? According to Wordstream, websites that use video:However, creating and implementing this kind of content requires a proactive mindset because video tends to not shoot itself. The Benefits of Adding Video to Your Content Marketing Strategy You don’t have to be Spielberg to make a great video, and it doesn’t matter if you have something particular to sell. Video content can showcase your product line, offer …

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6 Inbound Marketing Tactics You Should Stop Using Now!

Over the last 15 years working at our agency we have devised and implemented various inbound marketing tactics in our campaigns. Some of the techniques were a huge success because they were not only effective but very frugal to implement. However, some other tactics were found to be of no use. There are few techniques that did work initially but over the time we realized that they are not just ineffective but also detrimental to our marketing campaign. So, we decided to stop using those tactics immediately. It is absolutely essential that a marketer keeps on evolving by adopting new techniques and …

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Putting the Strategy Back on Your Digital Marketing

Every business knows it needs to invest in digital marketing and branding in order to be competitive today, but very few take the necessary time to strategize prior to implementation. This can create serious flaws that are not apparent until much later. Why Strategy Matters One way to define strategy is “a plan of action or policy designed to achieve a major or overall aim.” Some business owners and marketing specialists presume they can feel their way through marketing, but a failure to plan is usually a plan for failure. Without a strategy, it’s unclear what the “major or overall …

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Content Writing Tips and Tools

4 Types of Interactive Content to Use in 2018 for the Win!

Are you looking for a way to cut through the noise and ensure your content actually moves your audience to action? While nothing is guaranteed, you’ll most certainly see an uptick in engagement when you begin working with interactive content. Tapping into the Value of Interactive Content Interactive content refers to content that requires the participant’s active engagement. Instead of just reading or watching something, they’re forced to get involved and interact with the content they’re consuming. What’s most exciting is that interactive content clearly works. According to one study, 81 percent of brands believe interactive content does a better …

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7 Mantras of Inbound Marketing (Infographic)

7 Mantras of Inbound Marketing (Infographic)

When you take a closer look at the principles of inbound marketing, it is a complete mechanism that engages your prospects right from the first touch point to the stage where they become your brand advocates. With every stage of the buyer’s journey, you must deal with utmost precision as you empower your prospects with the right message wrapped in the most engaging user experience. In addition to serving the right information for your prospects, inbound is also about how you manage the campaign internally to define success at every point. This comprehensive infographic will serve as a guide to …

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