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Photography Marketing: 10 Easy Photography Marketing Ideas

Once you start a business these days, however big or small it might be, you must market it well for it to be successful and gain the popularity you desire. Marketing used to be most of the orthodox type and included print and audio-visual outputs like newspapers, magazines, television, radio, etc. However, the scenario has undergone a marked change recently. One aspect of marketing that has taken a front seat is online marketing. This can be largely attributed to the advent of the internet in day to day life. Increased accessibility to it has been instrumental in making this possible. …

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15 High DA Image Sharing Sites to Step Up the SERP Game in 2019

The world wouldn’t have known about genius Leonardo Da Vinci if his works had remained undiscovered or unrecognized by the art historians, back in those days. Cut to the chase, in 2019, the notion is still the same. The mere creation of an artwork isn’t enough unless you have the right people or platforms around you to recognize, appreciate and share the content.  Especially, when it comes to SERP or the Search Engine Results Page Rankings, the content creators across the globe would simply watch their efforts go down the drain if the image or infographic sharing sites fail to …

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13 Best Image Hosting & Sharing Websites You May Not Know

If you are searching for some good and renowned image hosting and sharing websites then here we are listing some of those websites. Along with the name, you will get to know some of their highlighted features which are making them the top 13. So, knowing after their features and detailing sections, it might help you to take a decision which will help you to make your work of image uploading little bit easier and safer. 1. Imgur: Imgur is very popular among image uploader. As a free uploader, you can enjoy the privilege of uploading and share pictures on their …

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BlueMelon Review – An Image Hosting, Sharing and Selling Website

We know that choosing a right photo sharing and selling website is very difficult as there is the countless website available. Here we have BlueMelon which is easy and fast-growing photo sharing web application. It is primarily a site used for presentation of photos which are created to develop professional photography. It has once again stepped beyond the standard industry with adding all required functionalities. With BlueMelon you can create customized photo albums of any categories such as Couples, Portraiture, Kids, Family, Newborn, Animals, etc. and share them with your friends, family, and business for free. BlueMelon delivers the modern …

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How to Embed your own Visual Content on your Website

These days, everyone has a website, but did you know that content with images is 90% more likely to be seen than pages without? With so much web content out there, it’s understandable that some 80% of sites are merely skimmed, but it’s often difficult to determine how to achieve that top 20%. What can you do to engage readers and ensure they stay on your site for that little bit longer? Visual content is essential when it comes to creating a successful user experience, so it’s important to make your website attractive and easy to navigate. It would be …

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