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How to Create a Successful Enterprise App Using HTML5 Apps

In the field of mobile app development, one of the hardest apps to make are enterprise app, as many developers would agree. It requires plenty of planning and organization, after all. Steps would always have to be taken in order for the business to properly function using its enterprise app solely. Otherwise, it simply wouldn’t be effective and wouldn’t gain the acceptance at an enterprise-wide level. Often, you would have to take into consideration primary factors such as the team … Continue Reading…

10 Best Frameworks for Creating Hybrid Mobile Apps

10 Best Frameworks for Creating Hybrid Mobile Apps

A hybrid application refers to something that combines elements of both native as well as web applications. The development of native applications is done for a particular platform and installed on a computing device. For creating mobile apps that are user-specific, the HTML5 framework provides several alternatives that have their own dynamics and functionalities. This structure is also helpful in offering a domestic look and sense when technology is brought into use as it is loaded with HTML, JavaScript, and … Continue Reading…


Do Not Botch With Typography – Choose the Best HTML5 Framework

Though it is a song but it aptly applies to what we are going to discuss here. Despite of all cognitive studies which put forth the fact that images do have an indelible imprint on human brain we know that words have their own sacred position when it comes to delivering a message. Well this is why they were invented in the first place. Words or Typography has the potential to affect the mood of the user and can impact … Continue Reading…

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