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7 Symptoms Indicate you Need to Redesign your Business Website

7 Symptoms Indicate you Need to Redesign your Business Website

The current scenario is such that everybody is adhering to their handheld gadgets, using Internet services. At the current stage, nearly 75% of the global population are addicted to using the Internet on a daily basis. And, in such stage, you require maintaining your online business profile (business website). But with the passage of time and evolution of technology, your website is a too demanding overhaul. Either you are running a small business or an owner of a renowned brand; it’s the need of the hour. But how will you know that your website is in need of a redesign? …

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Photoshop Fonts FREE! Featured

11 Awesome Photoshop Fonts You Need to Try Out (FREE!)

You see it on posters. You see it on banners. You see it on magazines and book covers. It’s practically everywhere. Text is the simplest and most commonly used tool to deliver content. But plain text could easily get boring. So how do you make a simple text extraordinary? Use an awesome font. In a world of text and people with short attention span, the power of a unique font can make a huge difference. For graphic artists and web designers, choosing a standout font is all too important. Indeed, the kind of font you use can have such an …

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Do Not Botch With Typography – Choose the Best HTML5 Framework

Though it is a song but it aptly applies to what we are going to discuss here. Despite of all cognitive studies which put forth the fact that images do have an indelible imprint on human brain we know that words have their own sacred position when it comes to delivering a message. Well this is why they were invented in the first place. Words or Typography has the potential to affect the mood of the user and can impact your ability to solve problems. Cognitive Impact: Rosalind Picard from MIT and Kevin Larson from Microsoft carried on an experiment …

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Negative Spacing

Keeping Negative Spacing a Positive Aspect of Web Designing

When it comes to rank a website there are several aspects that determine if the website is ready to be accepted by the jury online. That is the visitors, which contribute in the building up the visibility and rankings of your online presence. White space can be casually defined as the space or area spared by the content on the web page. It is absolutely free from text, page elements or multimedia content; hence it creates a filter that prevents the page from being suffocated. To show how negative spacing is held as a prime component is the modern website …

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Get Professional Web Layout

Learn How to Get Professional Web Layout to Increase Online Sales

The layout of your online selling web page could have an immediate effect over the variety of item sales conversions you get. Conversely, by motivating the item sales do not mean that you neglect the need of having excellent layout of your web page. The fact is in an internet marketing effort, the transformation rate is the amount or number of individuals who go for informal viewing to take some activity like item sales or registration, which are marketed by the subtitles or via immediate demands. Hence you could see the transformation occurring when you are able to turn the …

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How To Design A Perfect Landing Page

How to Design a Perfect Landing Page for your Website

An excellent landing page is the foundation stone of any successful website. Do you know why? Because though a wonderful landing page any business can easily accomplish in their most challenging business goals. Additionally, whenever the landing page performing its planned job, then you don’t require to appoint the sales officers or spend nights without the sleep for trying to capture the customers online or the over the telephone, convincing them to purchase the products or services you offered to them. You can survive without any stress if your landing page is perfectly designed, otherwise you will also have to …

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Minimalist Landing Page Design – Trends of 2015

The development of Internet technology is moving by leaps and bounds. And what was true in web design a few years ago, now seems obsolete and outdated. At this stage, web designers have come to realize that adding a large number of images or text, confusing navigation or a huge mass of various buttons or icons leads the visitor from the main goal. In place of a lot of information came simplicity of form and the reduction of components. Examples of Successful Minimalist Landing page: First and foremost you always notice on these pages – they have only one main …

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Design an Impressive Website for Your New Business

In today’s competitive world, it can be a challenging task to maintain your businesses. Technology is increasing at a fast pace and it is important to remain in sync with it to attract your potential customers therefore new or small businesses are required to have a website to target their online audience. Diverting traffic to your business website is a slow process that requires patience to gain success. When it comes to website designing process, there are certain factors that are required to be kept in mind to design an impressive and user friendly website to increase the credibility of …

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Web Designing Trends 2015

Best Web Designing Trends to Watch Out In 2015

We are in end of 2014; web designing trends are changing day by day each and every year. We have to prepare ourselves for the following year. Some of the spectacular trends that emerged in 2014 are: code free designing platforms, Parallax effects, single page layouts and many more. The range of devices are continues to growing, and designers must adopt their design strategy to meet these dynamic changes that occurring in website designing industry. Here the list of some killer web designing trends that will an impact designing industry. Responsive designing continues to grow :: Web Designing Trends #1 …

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Cross-Browser Compatibility & It’s Importance

The job of a web developer today is a very complex task. Between the requirements set by marketers and tests performed by UX designers, every web developer should at some point consider the cross-browser compatibility of his or her website. This is a major challenge faced by all those, who want to provide the best online experience possible – ensuring that a website performs excellently in all browsers is a part of that effort. It’s safe to say that consumers use various web browsing tools – from niche ones like Konqueror to giants, such as Firefox, Chrome or IE. Here’s …

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