Google Web Designer Tool

Design Interactive and Responsive ads with Google’s Web Designer Tool

Google is a tech giant that is known to develop products or software which have created a tremendous impact on the entire World. About a year back it launched an amazing tool called Google Web Designer. With the help of this advanced web application, you will be able to create engaging and stunning HTML content. Google web designer tool has some interesting ad-oriented and animation features that will make the entire process of building innovative and interactive ads an easy … Continue Reading…


Google Started Development of AdWords System for the Mobile Advertiser

In order to help consumers and marketers succeed in a world that is highly dependent on mobile technology, Google has made some innovations in its AdWords platform. The big reveal was made at the Google Performance Summit in May where they introduced new innovations for advertisements that are more suited to a mobile-first world. The upgrades are available for advertisers and aim at providing them – Let’s see how these new innovations might help advertisers provide mobile users with richer … Continue Reading…

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