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IoT App Development: Why Security for IoT Devices is so Critical?

The present scenario is more favorable for IoT app development and why not? Starting from self-driving cars to connected homes and also towards the smart building, IoT devices rule the world. As per the research of top American advisory firm Gartner, IoT-based connecting devices will number around 25 billion by 2020. It will, in turn, will benefit $2 trillion to the global economy. To solve age-old business issues, connected devices are gradually arriving into operating environments. Imagine the sensor that shall be used to track the jet engine automatically predicts the pressing points to prevent interruption? For an insurer, just …

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VoIP Vulnerability & Security Risks: All You Need to Know

Ever since VoIP emerged on the communication scene, it has led to various concerns. The first major worry was whether it would be able to deliver a clear voice quality? Could it guarantee a stable connection that won’t just drop in the middle of a conversation? VoIP has come a long way, and users can expect to have top-notch call quality and reliable service with the VoIP options available nowadays. Technology has advanced to such an extent that a popular VoIP service allows you to switch to low-bandwidth codecs in case the internet is acting out, so your call quality …

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Is IoT Shaping the Future of Web Development? Let’s Find Out!

Presently, the demands of the people and businesses are increasing than ever and we can owe to the fact that technology is witnessing a massive growth. With the rapid growth of emerging technologies like Blockchain and AI-based companies are running in the competition to hire Blockchain programmers and developers for creating applications to enhance the business processes. From the pool of evolving technologies, the IoT (Internet of Things) services is one of the popular and widely used services delivered by huge enterprises nowadays. IoT is a critical subject to talk about in this generation of web-based systems administration. There is …

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How Can You Use Cloud Technology for Your Small Business?

Many big companies have adopted the idea of data and analytics because it ensures positive results. According to a study done by IDG, 78% of the companies have shown faith in the collection of data and its intense analysis, and they think this can change the ways of doing business. But when it comes to small businesses, it gets more about the related economics that is the deployment of money in a more productive way. As a survey sponsored by SAP suggests, small businesses have shown their inclination towards the cloud, but most of them are still in their initial …

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Top 8 Benefits of Cutting-Edge Fiber Optic Internet Technology

Do you remember the time when you connect to the internet and wait ages for the site to load?  It was quite irritating connecting to the internet using one computer at a time with broadband. However, fiber optic technology has now changed the online world with the provision of faster and reliable internet. It allows thrilling-fast internet speed with tons of bandwidth to boost up all your portable devices simultaneously without affecting the internet performance. Let’s take a look at the top eight advantages of fiber optic that provides an advanced level of internet technology. 1. Reliable and Consistent In …

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7 Occupations Irreplaceable by Artificial Intelligence (AI)

A large number of Americans would jump at the opportunity to do something else for a living. Going through the motions of performing the same tasks every single day of the work week for what feels like an eternity can get pretty boring. These days, we rely on frequent stimulation and tend to lose focus without it. As businesses and industries count on our manpower to sustain profits and keep growing, human beings are indispensable to the economy. So where would the global conglomerates and multi-national brands be without the power of the common workforce? It is not as if …

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A Quick Guide to IT Networks – 22 Important Terms Related to Networking

For many of us, tech jargon is part of our lives – especially since we now have super powerful processors, applications and internet connections in our pockets. However, the world of IT networks is often still alien to those who don’t work in that field. This can sometimes make business conversations tricky – especially when you’re talking to IT departments and engineers. Don’t worry though, we’ve put together a guide to most things you’ll hear when talking about IT networks – meaning you can talk to your IT department without having to go away and Google what they were talking …

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How Cloud Computing is Improving the Healthcare Industry

We are living in an era where everything is managed and controlled by the technology. Today, there is hardly any sector which has not adopted the services of modern technology such as cloud computing. There are several industries which have benefitted from the applications of cloud computing both direct and indirect way. But when it comes to the healthcare industry, the contribution of the cloud is very crucial as it helps to save the lives of many people every day. Here are some of the areas in the healthcare industry where cloud computing has a vital role to play: Access …

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Answered: Your Most Burning Questions About 5G Technology

The Internet has always been the basic need of man to compete with the developing nations in this technical era. Applications of the internet are increasing daily; making us more and more dependent on it. Thus, for this, technologies need to be introduced to access internet in a faster way. 5G refers to the 5th generation mobile wireless network system. The main aim of introducing 5G technology is to provide better and more reliable machine communication than the 4G. In this article, you will get answers to some of the most popular question people have in their mind about 5G. Some of the …

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Smart Homes – Is it the Future of Home Automation?

Several smart technologies, though in the starting phase of their development, create a futuristic feel to homes. Nowadays, the home automation market is evolving rapidly; a significant portion of this growth is enhancing via the tablet market. Smart home DIYers are making good use of their tablets, converting it into a remote control. The smart home will continue to evolve as long as people can come to realize that smart homes are an investment into the future. With the increase in growth of the smart home market, more users can enjoy potential savings. Today, many of us are familiar with …

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