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21 Best Free Joomla Templates for Your Next Joomla Site

As a web resource library previously, we always tried to provide you best possible information on latest web trends. So here again we decided to provide a good list of 21 best free Joomla templates currently available on the market. Joomla is getting more popular day by day as a Content Management System (CMS). So, users of Joomla are also increasing hugely. Now when someone decides to build a website in Joomla, the second task is always being to look for a good relevant template. This task sometimes takes too much time. Sometimes even it takes 2-3 days or more. …

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free joomla templates

10 Best Free Joomla Templates of 2016 for Your Next Joomla Project

In the last days of this summer, we would like to suggest you to look through our handy collection of 10 Best Free Joomla Templates for keeping your website contemporary and updated. Being the second most popular and flexible CMS platform nowadays, Joomla enables you to build up dynamic websites and powerful online applications with ease. In fact, Joomla is the easiest way to set up and manage your website without deep coding skills. What do you expect to get from your website? Profit? Promotion? Popularity? Many of us don’t know where to start in order not to fail. Great …

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14 Free Joomla Templates for Different Types of Projects

If you choose Joomla for your projects, like millions of other users and developers all over the world, this blog post is exactly what you need to look through now. It will provide you with a wonderful opportunity to save on design cost without any quality loss. Here you will find 14 Joomla templates for different types of projects available for free download. First of all, let us calm down the skeptics. All of the templates, through which you’ll browse in a few minutes, have been handpicked from trustworthy resources like TemplateMonster, SmartAddons, Vina Gecko and others. We don’t think …

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Best free responsive joomla templates

Best Free Responsive Joomla Templates

Responsive template design is the latest trend in Web design and development market. This is a such kind of design where the width of the design is fluid and it can caters for any possible screen resolution. It means a single responsive template can be used as a single tool that help to serve your website to any media formats and devices which visitors uses to access your website. So, now you do not need to maintain separate templates or plugins for separate devices like Computers/Laptops, Tablet PCs, Smartphones. If you use a single responsive template it will provide you …

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