6 Ways to Improve Self Service on Your Website

Customer service is undergoing a massive revolution. Thanks to the presence of mobile devices, nearly universal internet access, easy online searching, and the avoidance of traditional customer service methods, most modern customers prefer to help themselves when they face problems, rather than rely on email, phone calls, or other methods of support. But not all forms of customer self-service are automatically effective; you need to optimize the types of support you offer your visitors if you want those visitors to keep coming back (and stay loyal to your brand). The Benefits of Self-Service First, let’s take a look at the … Continue Reading…

eCommerce Conversion

Great Way to Promote ECommerce Business through Online Forums

Nowadays, forums have become very popular in promoting businesses. Internet forums are the virtual coffee shops, buzzing with like-minded people.  Business owners and marketers are using them to reach out to their target audiences & create relationships that will significantly assist them in promoting their business. Forums provide a unique opportunity to get real customer insights and business ideas. But most startups and businesses fail to make the best out of these forums. What exactly is a web forum or an internet forum? An internet forum is a discussion area or a discussion space. The conversational and helpful nature of … Continue Reading…


6 Best Joomla Forum Extension

In my previous post I discussed about best community extensions of Joomla. Now it is time to discuss something related to that. Yes, I am talking about Forum solution. Now a days forum is very popular section for any community based website. Inspire of that, if you have any product or service based website and you wish to interact with your buyer in an easiest way, forum solutions will definitely help you. Here I am listing top 6 Joomla extension that can help you to enable forum features in your website. Also I am ordering all extensions as per their … Continue Reading…