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7 Ways to the Rescue When Your Online Account Gets Hacked

Having your account hacked can be troublesome for both you and your friends, we often tend to panic in these kinds of situations and because of that, we are unable to see the obvious solutions to our problem. So if your account got hacked, relax and follow these tips calmly and patiently to get it back. I’m well aware that time is of the highest importance in these kinds of situations, but if your rush things out you might make … Continue Reading…


How to Stop Facebook From Treating Your Blog’s URL as Spam

Facebook is the most popular social networking site. It is used by many, from across different parts of the world. Due to the popularity and the user engagement that this site offers, it is also very popular with bloggers and webmasters. Reasons why Facebook is a blessing for bloggers and webmasters You know, Facebook is a leading source of referral traffic for many blogs! Thus, many bloggers treat this site as source of valuable traffic! Especially for new blogs, referral … Continue Reading…

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