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6 Key Metrics to Measure the Effectiveness of Online Events (Infographic)

Since the COVID-19 crisis, there has been a sharp increase in the number of online events. But just like offline events, it’s not enough to just host these events. You also need to put in the hard work to promote your virtual event and create buzz around it. While you are at it, it’s also important to keep an eye on key metrics to assess whether or not your marketing efforts are paying off. If you’re lagging behind, you can change your strategy to make the event more successful. That brings us to the question — which key metrics should …

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How More Companies are Venturing in Digital Transformation in the Wake of the Health Crisis?

The current coronavirus pandemic has definitely reshaped how society conducts business. Every industry, from retail to the education sector, now sees the importance of digital platforms in reaching their target audience. As a business owner, it’s now become necessary for you to meet consumers online. This is particularly true in today’s health crisis. Because people are encouraged to stay indoors to limit the movement of the virus. You have to accelerate the digital transformation of your business. To give you an idea of what to do for your business, here are a few ways that companies are transforming their strategies …

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10 Most Profitable Mobile App Business Niche for 2019-2020

Mobile applications have evolved strongly since the last few years; they have created their necessity in everyday tasks our human lives. Whether it is social media, music, e-commerce or travel, each of the app niches has proved its business potential. App designers and developers have also given their significant contribution to converting their intuitive ideas into reality. Though you will find mobile apps on almost every single niche today, not all of them are profitable. Here we have listed some of the most profitable mobile app business niches you can consider for upcoming years: 1. Investment & Tax management: Managing …

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7 Fantastic iPad Solutions & Apps for Use in Events

Tablets and iPads are being used increasingly at events. They streamline data capture, allow you to do quick visual demos and presentation of your products and services. We detail 7 great solutions and apps to use at events using an iPad. Lock your company website in kiosk mode If you using an iPad to display your website in a stand, which is left unattended. It’s a good idea to use a third party browser that will lock the iPad onto a webpage and hide the address bar, or closely control which web pages are accessible. Kiosk Pro is great for …

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How to Create a Family Event Website Using WordPress?

Are you planning to create an event-based website that will receive the attention of a huge audience? Then you need a perfect Content Management System (CMS) that can offer you the right alternatives. When choosing a perfect CMS platform, make sure you do sufficient research and analyze key features of every CMS properly. WordPress is always rated as the best platform for creating any form of an event-based website. However, before getting started with such an amazing CMS platform, you need to make yourself well versed with the nitty-gritty of WordPress. Missing out on any small detail may create a …

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7 Brilliant Tips to Make Your Agile Projects Run Smoothly

Agile is a well-known project management practice that has moved well beyond software developers and their projects. Marketing, Sales, Finance and other industries are applying Scrum, Kanban and other Agile approaches in their processes and getting positive results. However, even with the best guidance and most extensive knowledge, making a transition from traditional project management into Agile is not easy. Trust me, having experienced multiple teams over going this change; there are always some things that just don’t seem to fit. So instead of giving you the Agile theory once again, here are my top 7 tips on making sure …

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The Squarest Time Management App You Can Get

Of all the forever mysteries surrounding mundane existence, Time is the ultimate. The continuous progress of the moments in circular loops feels linear, and it is, as long as you are working to make the best of real time. For instance, consider schedule management and attendance hassles at a regular company. The HR manager must capture the daily times square that is, because only by the urgency of deadlines, best productivity results. This task, however, is, easier to say than to achieve. Several crucial parameters should coordinate seamlessly to be able to deliver one project after another without missing a …

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Logmatic.io Review – An Operations Data Platform for Log & Machine Event

Logmatic.io is an information program for records as well as system functions. Here corporations develop their software program as well as the overall performance of the business by leveraging all system information by directing all records, metrics, and system function into an individual hub. Obtain a specific summary of what exactly is transpiring across your dispersed environments, and detect the issue in the haystack immediately. Capabilities and Advantages: 1. Made for everyone in the corporation: This tool has been created to centralize all information and facts to supply insights and information to all sections or divisions in the corporation. Use …

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Make Event Management on WordPress a Breeze

Does the thought of managing and promoting events on your website give you a headache? Forget the headache! These WordPress tools will take all the heat and hassle of their efficient management. Almost all companies, organizations, and individuals run a series of different events online. The reason behind such a widespread popularity of organizing and promoting events on the web is their ability to engage and reach out to many more people. The types and frequency of the events vary, depending on different factors, but all those events have something in common. They all require strong organization and management. Actually, …

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