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Future of eCommerce Apps for Health, Fitness & Nutrition Industry

Health, fitness, and nutrition are considered important aspects of every individual’s life. With the advent of technology, people started using the latest devices for the betterment of their health. Over a period of time, people have also discovered a connection between health and smartphones with the use of mobile applications. No wonder, you will see several thousands of eCommerce apps available in the health and fitness industry. But very few of them are getting the user’s attention. This is exactly what makes this industry so challenging. The aspiring app developers need to do thorough analysis and research before venturing into …

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5 Apps Like Craigslist You Can Use to Buy and Sell Products

Online marketplaces have hit the eCommerce industry and hard. There was a time when used goods, no matter how well in appearance and condition had to be abandoned or thrown off. But no more. With the onset of something that we call as a multi-vendor e-commerce platform, buyers and sellers can easily connect with each other, negotiate on selling terms and end up making a purchase. Yes, such a marketplace exists and not one or two but many. If you aren’t sure as to what do we mean by the term marketplaces, it is in simple words a platform engineered …

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10 Most Profitable Mobile App Business Niche for 2019-2020

Mobile applications have evolved strongly since the last few years; they have created their necessity in everyday tasks our human lives. Whether it is social media, music, e-commerce or travel, each of the app niches has proved its business potential. App designers and developers have also given their significant contribution to converting their intuitive ideas into reality. Though you will find mobile apps on almost every single niche today, not all of them are profitable. Here we have listed some of the most profitable mobile app business niches you can consider for upcoming years: 1. Investment & Tax management: Managing …

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eWallet Mobile App Development – Method & Features

eWallet Mobile App Development – Method & Features

Going cashless has never been easier because of the onset of digitization. Carrying cash around everywhere seems like a drag and not to mention the security concerns. This is where eWallet drops in, the e-payment methods are safe, completely secure and much faster than conventional transactions. With eWallets, one has complete peace of mind as they don’t have to carry or collect hefty sums of money. During the past few years, numerous eWallet apps have surfaced and every app has something different to offer in terms of services. These eWallet apps have additional features other than to carry out digital …

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A Quick Look at the Best eCommerce Solutions for 2019

What does 2019 have in store for the online retail community? This question seems to be on everyone’s minds and yet, there is not one simple answer. Some will stress the use of multi-channel marketing in order to appeal to a wider audience. Others will tout the advancements in search engine optimization and how these moves will impact one’s rankings within a search engine results page. Others will stress that organic marketing has come full circle; highlighting the importance of speaking to the client as opposed to an online SEO algorithm. In truth, all of these concepts could very well …

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The Best Way to Develop an ECommerce App You May Now Know

Smartphones and tablets are taking over! With billions of users all over the globe, consumers continue to use mobile gadgets to source for the products and services they need. Forrester’s report on 2018 best retail practices in regards to mobile web predicts that retail sales through smartphones will grow at a CAGR (compound annual growth rate) of 18%. The report also forecasts that in 2018 smartphones will impact more than a trillion of US retail sales at some point through the client’s journey. These are statistics that business owners cannot ignore if they want to remain relevant in this eCommerce …

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What eCommerce Marketers Should Know About Mobile SEO in 2017

By the time you finish reading this, everything we may have learned about mobile SEO could be wrong. That’s because the paradigm that exists today is based on the desktop-first world, and Google is close to catapulting us into the mobile-first world with a significant update on how they render, crawl, and rank the web. The search engine giant, Google, has already started testing their mobile first index, which not only rewards the mobile-friendly websites but also ranks the desktop version depending on the content that is found on the mobile version first. Until now, this has always been the …

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6 Tips to Get Success with your New ECommerce Store on 2017-2018

The e-commerce balloon is getting bigger with each passing day as you know people are looking forward to having their say in getting the style to their closet through e-commerce platforms only. The e-commerce flow started with few big brands jumping in, but the air has affected others due to higher revenues and star branding features. Let’s talk about some of the tips that can help you in running your new e-commerce store: 1) The user should always be your focus: Once any customer walks into the market the best part is he can able to touch and feel the …

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Designing Applications Takes Work, But Pays off Big

If you really want an impactful business, you have to get out of that air-conditioned office. You’ve got to see what the people are doing and meet the demand where it exists. Only a small segment of the population can afford to sit all day indoors and avoid humanity. The rest are out there getting things done. When people are getting things done, they want the most utility and convenience for the least expense. The expense isn’t always strictly in terms of money. Sometimes it’s in terms of time. This is primarily understood under the penumbra of something called “opportunity cost”. Opportunity cost basically …

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Step by Step Guide to Create a Mobile App for Your Restaurant

You own a restaurant or a small business, and you want to catch the mobile opportunity to engage your customers and maximize their loyalty? You may think that it will be expensive and that you need to hire a team of developers, but that’s where you’re wrong! There is an option so you can create a powerful and beautiful app for free. Just read the following step by step guide, and your restaurant will have an application in a flash! 1. Download Siberian CMS free Single-App Edition First, just download Siberian Single-App Edition. There is no trick; it’s really free! …

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