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Selling Digital Products with EDD plugin: These 6 Websites will Inspire You

If you’re aware of the market trends of eCommerce industry, you’ll know that WooCommerce is the most popular WordPress plugin that turns WordPress into a powerful eCommerce application, with a massive market share of 37%. However, when it comes to selling digital goods, Easy Digital Downloads is the preferred plugin over WooCommerce. Why? Though it’s totally possible to sell digital goods with WooCommerce, the problem with WooCommerce is that it is bundled with lots of unwanted options and features a digital goods store will never need. So every time you create a product on your store at the backend, you’ll … Continue Reading…


Building a Baby Store using WordPress – A Case Study

Here I am sharing my experience of developing a WordPress based eCommerce website targeting a particular niche. Recently I got a chance to make a website to target the niche of selling kids and baby products. I would like to share up my experiences which I gathered during my journey of making this website called Superbaby. As the website is totally children (and of course the parents) oriented, it was little more challenging and at the same time very much fun making also. So before I started my journey the factors which I firstly thought to point out is the … Continue Reading…

WordPress eCommerce

ECommerce Tips for Making Your WordPress Store a Success

1. Selecting a domain name and hosting Finding the right web hosting for ECommerce Just when you are about to develop your website, there are mainly 2 important things which you need: A place for hosting your website A Name for your website These are the 2 things which are like your virtual property as well as the address where the people would visit for finding your business online. Both these are quite easy to get onto but choosing them is a different story altogether. 2. ECommerce store basics Developing the product pages: The very first step in this process is … Continue Reading…

10 Free WooCommerce Extensions to Supercharge your WordPress eCommerce Store

10 Free WooCommerce Extensions to Supercharge your WordPress eCommerce Store

WooCommerce is the best plugin for making WordPress eCommerce store. Lots of paid and free extensions are also available to enhance the power and functionality of WooCommerce. Here we are listing 10 free WooCommerce extensions that can help you to supercharge your WooCommerce store to up on its next level. Conclusion: Here we have got 10 very important WooCommerce extensions which you can use freely to make a best and user friendly shopping websites. Hope this list will make your search little bit easy and time savings.

Best WordPress eCommerce Plugins

8 Best WordPress eCommerce Plugins for Your Website

Introduction (Best WordPress eCommerce Plugins): Most eCommerce WordPress site owners will opt to optimize them by the addition of plugins. These plugins ease the access of various services for the users. They will also enable the owner to make transactions directly on their site. The comfort that a visitor finds on site will determine their willingness to return. There are basic necessities which go together with specific services which a site offers. This makes provision of plugins to connect to these secondary services an essential role of the site owner. They may range from online selling, finances, downloads and social … Continue Reading…